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City Sprints, May Term 2005

Light and Dark Trinity (CRA Nv 4+)

Coxed by: Jenny Lee

1st round
beat Cantabs easily
Our one practice outing the day before City Sprints had set us up nicely for some good racing today; the aim was fast rowing with finesse. In this race, we just went fast. :) (Amelia)
Quarter finals
beat Clare easily
Great start, a much better row, and another convincing victory. (Amelia)
Semi finals
beat 99s B easily
Power and finesse, a winning combination once again. (Amelia)
Winners of event - beat 99s A easily
Yay! Pots! V pleased; first race a bit scrappy but all the others felt smooth and powerful; really fantastic starts especially :oD (Erica)
Very well done to our Foster-Fairbairns winners' composite!!! It looked all very tidy and in control but unfortunately never close enough for you to show your real potential... xxx (Pia)
Lots of power, less finesse, but a clear victory nonetheless, and a great start to the regatta season. Light and Dark Trinity come together, victorious once more. (Amelia)

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2. rowing to the start
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