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Head of the Nene, Lent Term 2005

1st women's VIII (Senior3 VIIIs)

Coxed by: K.R. Barber

10th of 17 women's S3 VIIIs; 4th of 7 college VIIIs
Time: 21:28
We went over the course at a fairly powerful but untidy 32. We overtook. We pushed off the bridge. It lasted a long time and was painful. In summary, it was Peterboroughish. :)

On a more positive note, we beat Queens' (chasing us in bumps) and Christs' (being chased by us) by miles, as well as Tit Hall, and would have won Novice VIIIs if Pia hadn't had points! Pembroke and LMBC both narrowly beat us, and Clare were the fastest college VIII by about 20secs.

Oh, and we also beat a Magdalene men's VIII! (Amelia)

1. At the catch
2. A long straight blea...
3. Bow side blades at t...

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