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University IVs 2004

1st women's IV (1st division)

Coxed by: C.S. Dunleavy

Lost to Tit Hall (3 lengths)
Due to the unlucky scenario as laid out so aptly by Danielle (aka the living proof that The Natural Strokesider does exist) we didn't approach the race as determined and relaxed as we should have to ensure a triumph over Tit Hall.

We mean to get even in the HorIVs. There, I said it. The pressure is on. (Pia)
Umm. difficult to say, all very painful and messy. we lost by.. dunno, few lengths maybe?
some pre-race difficulties probably didn't help: we arrived atbh to find that lilie was being erica for the day and so we were 3 stroke siders and one bow sider.. i thought it couldn't be that hard (!) but turns out on the row down i can't actually do anything coordinated with my left hand (so feathering was out) and for that matter couldn't get my blade in or out of the water..
and to be perfectly honest i'm far too fat to be sat in the bows.
so upon late arrival at the plough we had a bit of a hasty reshuffle: from pia (4), cath(3), lilie(2) and me... to lilie(4), cath(3), me(2) and pia.
interesting. so we took it off rating about 1 million, strode to a reasonabe amount but lost a bit on tit hall... caught them up again half way up the reach but then were all a bit knackered and they got away again.
could have been a lot worse i guess. better luck to the 2nd women!
Danielle x (Danielle)

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