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Pembroke Regatta, Lent Term 2004

2nd men's VIII (2nd VIIIs)

Coxed by: Rachel Munro

1st round
Beat Emma II by 1-2 lengths
a poor start, an average middle part and a slow-paddle-style finish saw us only whoop emma's ass by a coupla lengths. we rock. (D.J.T. Newton)
A poor start meant we stayed level with them until half way down the reach. Began to pull away and were almost two lengths ahead by the railway bridge, from which point we rowed like spanners. Rated at no more than 28 throughout. (Phil)
Quarter finals
Beat Tit Hall II by a miracle
Dan, forget the seat and JUST TAKE STROKES! (Dubya)
orgasmic start was hampered half way down the reach by moi losing his seat, then crabbing, then phil losing his seat, thereby sandwhiching bryn at 5. with 5 rowers we held them off though and when phil recovered and i rowed just on the sliders we pulled away embarrassingly comfortably. my bum hurts now. (D.J.T. Newton)
Semi finals
Lost to Jesus II by 1/4 length
we was robbed. nuff sed. (D.J.T. Newton)
Fairly poor start meant we were about 1/4 length off from the beginning. Held position until we got close the the railway bridge where we lost ground to go almost a length down. Started to pull it back near then end but was too little too late. (Phil)

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