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Lent Term 2004

2nd men's VIII

Cambridge Head-2-Head (2nd division)

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Robinson Head (Lower VIIIs), Monarchs of the Cam

2nd in Lower VIIIs
Time: 9:35
Monarchs of the cam. The title aspired to by the 2nd VIII who went some way to justifying it today. Powerful yet graceful, immense yet modest and efficient yet sexy - the crew put in a fantabulous performance to warrant their title as 'most aesthetically pleasing lads (+rachel) on the river'. Burning it down the course the high point came on the corner before the reach, Munro braking early, slipping down elegantly through the gears as she hit the apex and then accelerating at blistering pace out into the straight - formula 1 stuff, and not at all how you would expect a woman to drive. The time is obviously wrong of course, we had to start and finish the race within the times set by Will's toilet breaks and his bladder can only last 8 minutes. This therefore puts us as fastest boat overall - a much more likely result. Bring on Peterborough!!! (D.J.T. Newton)
Fairly good row: if I had to fault it, come the bumps we want to rate a few pips higher; but overall we did very well.
As far as the race times go - hmmmmm, think about the following results:

Second leg of the H2H - we beat Corpus by 45 seconds in a not very good row. Robinson head - they beat us by 18 seconds when we had a good row. Hmmmmmm.

Likewise, second leg of the H2H, we beat Girton by 53 seconds. CCAT managed to pip them by 13 seconds in Newnham. Despite pulling away from them over the course (started behind a reasonable way, couldn't see them as we crossed the line), they have 'beaten' us by 15 seconds.

(This isn't even starting on the fact we came in behind our 4th VIII)

These things always sound like sour grapes, but at current counting, two results have already been changed by the organisers significantly. (Anything to do with being short)
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Pembroke Regatta (2nd VIIIs)

1st round
Beat Emma II by 1-2 lengths
a poor start, an average middle part and a slow-paddle-style finish saw us only whoop emma's ass by a coupla lengths. we rock. (D.J.T. Newton)
A poor start meant we stayed level with them until half way down the reach. Began to pull away and were almost two lengths ahead by the railway bridge, from which point we rowed like spanners. Rated at no more than 28 throughout. (Phil)
Quarter finals
Beat Tit Hall II by a miracle
Dan, forget the seat and JUST TAKE STROKES! (Dubya)
orgasmic start was hampered half way down the reach by moi losing his seat, then crabbing, then phil losing his seat, thereby sandwhiching bryn at 5. with 5 rowers we held them off though and when phil recovered and i rowed just on the sliders we pulled away embarrassingly comfortably. my bum hurts now. (D.J.T. Newton)
Semi finals
Lost to Jesus II by 1/4 length
we was robbed. nuff sed. (D.J.T. Newton)
Fairly poor start meant we were about 1/4 length off from the beginning. Held position until we got close the the railway bridge where we lost ground to go almost a length down. Started to pull it back near then end but was too little too late. (Phil)
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Lent Bumps, Monarchs of the Cam

Bumped by CCAT
Happened at grassy -- but they had closed up on Downing and CCAT were miles out from Jesus so should be fine for tomorrow, might be even in with a chance at attacking back. (Dubya)
Gutted. Following Villa's disappointing derby draw on Sunday, my sporting week got even worse. From a rower's point of view I can't talk about how far ahead or behind anyone other than CCAT was, but what was frustrating for us was that after a decent start we just never found top gear. They, on the other hand, rowed like nutters. So that's our plan for Thursday! (BJ)
A promising start saw a race in which our natural power and elegance failed to shine through. We did gain on Downing II though and I'm sure would have bumped them had CCAT not bumped us first.

Looking ahead I will now be channeling my general anger, fuming rage and burning hatred into bumping CCAT on thursday. (Ed)
Rowed over
why have we got no pictures of us in this section? (D.J.T. Newton)
Rowing over is tiring. Really tiring. I hope we bump tomorrow! (BJ)
Rowed over
MONARCHS OF THE CAM - a title FaT 2nd men lived up to today. Unfortunately all crews bumped out ahead of us before we had a chance to hit the nitros and drown ccat - a shame as we showed real poise all the way down the course and never looked troubled. This was mainly due to the fact that jesus 2 had in a fit of hilarity rigged their 7's seat as an ejector seat. He duly parted company with the boat and embraced the water just before first post. The whole of the rest of the division grinding to a halt. FaT powered off from the pack and rowed commandingly, and alone (rate 22) down the reach. A burst at the finish for the viewing pleasure of the laydeez division and a safe row home. Weve got Downings ass tommorow. Grrrrr. (Dan Newton)
Rowed over
A fantabulous start followed by a strong first (and third) section saw us get to a length from Downing. CCAT then bumped and so Downing got clear water and pulled away to about two lengths. They then sat there the whole way down - pushing whenever we did. It was painful, it was wet, it was snowing but we stopped queens from getting blades!! Woohoo! Also Will (50 today) impaled his thumb on a splinter on the blade part way down - leaving a 'hitchcock-esque' trail of blood in the water behind us. A good solid performance, (i made the bit about the blood trail up). Thought for the day - Fat guys do not like Downing men. (Dan Newton)

1. Heading for the bank...
2. The long row to top ...
3. Downing outside dist...

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