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Pembroke Regatta, Lent Term 2003

3rd men's VIII (3rd division)

Coxed by: Andy Wong

1st round
Beat LMBC III, by 1 1/2 lengths
Maggies coach was overheard on the bank beforehand saying that many crews would push too hard and then burn out, and not to worry about boats pulling away.

Sadly for maggie, they seemed to take this to mean that they didnt need a fast start. They were half a length down after our draw strokes, and even further once we'd wound.

They held us just short of having clear water up the long reach, with the slight bend to their advantage, but by the railway bridge the result was clear.

A big push near the end saw them closing, but never putting us under pressure. A nice row, and a satisfying result. (snowball)
Quarter finals
Beat Caius III, by 1 1/2 lengths
Caius III start the bumps a little way down the 4th division, compared to Maggies 2nd in the 3rd division. You might have expected a walkover, but they certainly were not. Caius often promise to have a good 3rd Lent VIII, but have recently been off target. Last years comedy effort (no lifejacket on the first day of the bumps?) this certainly was not.

We had the towpath side, and so the initial advantage, but after we took a little off them on the start they held us. They tried to draw level just before the railway bridge with a big push, but we responded well and held them off. By the time the bend was well in their favour they were too tired to push us, and we were able to pull away with ease. Well done to Caius though-they pushed us a lot harder than Maggie. (snowball)
Semi finals
Lost to Clare III (II), by 2 1/2 lengths
Another excellent start saw us steal the early initiative. All day we've consistently hit 38 to 40 on the wind, striding down to about 36, and this was the same. Once we'd settled we held onto a slim lead for about a minute. Then Clare pushed. We we're already flat out, but they had another gear. Lifting their cruising speed with ease, we were finished well before the bend came to our advantage under the railway bridge-they knew what they were doing.

Clare III have yet to get on, as do Clare IV, who made the final from the other half of the division. Sadly their 1st boat was not in action, and their 2nd VIII scratched this morning. (snowball)
Just a brief addition: We lost to pots hungry Clare II rather than Clare III (through explanations to long-winded and implausable to go through). The 3rds have, however, beaten Maggie and Caius III demonstrating that we are the fastest 3rd boat and worthy of our high position in the bumps. (Michael)

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