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FaT vs BPBC Cricket Challenge, May Term 2002

First and Third 1st XI

Beat BPBC by 69 runs
[See bottom of page for scorecard.]

The idea of a cricket match between First and Third and Black Prince BC was floated last year, but difficulties with finding a suitable date and venue meant that the game had to be postponed. Nevertheless, this was more than enough to establish a tradition, and both sides resolved to play the inaugural game in June 2002. With the legendary Mark Crawford at the helm, Sunday 23rd June was chosen, Madingley cricket ground booked and two teams' worth of willing volunteers found. Game on!

The day itself proved to be glorious, with some cloud cover providing optimism for the seam bowlers. The toss was won by 1st and 3rd whose captain, Neil Talbott, elected to bat. Could his decision have been influenced by the crumbling pitch, the expected worsening of the weather or the wish to avoid a run chase? No, simply by the fact that three members of the 1st and 3rd XI were not expected to arrive at Madingley for another hour and a half...

With few or less recognised batsmen in the team, it was decided to open with Ben Green, BA cricketer and one-time oarsman, together with Matt Byrne as pinch-hitter. The hope was that the former could form the bed-rock of the first half of the innings while the latter might smite a few boundaries before his likely demise. The reality was somewhat different. Though Mike Goodson's opening over was safely negotiated by Green, with two runs taken, the fourth ball of the second over saw Byrne fall to Crawford without scoring, his middle stump knocked back. This brought Talbott to the crease, but he could only watch from the non-striker's end as Goodson's second over saw first Green and four balls later Chris Harding bowled. The latter's somewhat hallucinatory description of the ball that took his wicket as a 'vicious inswinging yorker' might carry a little more credibility had it not been attacked with a baseball swipe...

At 4 for 3 after three overs, 1st and 3rd were very much on the back foot, though with Dan Walker now having arrived in the middle, hopes of a decent partnership were high. However, while the next two overs were played relatively comfortably, another good ball from Crawford, who was the model of consistency, saw Walker lose his off stump for two runs. Though this was the Black Prince captain's last wicket, he finished with outstanding figures of 2 for 5 off his maximum quota of seven overs. At 8 for 4 after just six of their allotted thirty overs, things were looking bleak for those in statu pupillari.

The fall of Walker saw Jon Glass stride out, with a bat at least six inches too short. Nevertheless, he succeeded where others had failed by demonstrating expert use of the straight bat, and played himself in with aplomb. Some good running between the wickets saw the partnership blossom and the scoreboard now ticked along at around four an over. A couple of half-chances were put down, most notably when Goodson dropped Talbott from a very difficult chance at slip, off Crawford's bowling. The introduction of both Graham Fisher and Chris Ingram failed to produce a breakthrough and the fifty, which had previously looked a distant fantasy, was eventually brought up in the 17th over. Graham Reid turned his arm, as did Chris Clarke (previously the wicketkeeper), but to no avail as the run rate increased, the next fifty runs coming off less than eight overs. No sooner was the hundred up, however, than Goodson, brought back into the attack, tempted Talbott down the pitch. He missed, whereupon Clarke, now back behind the stumps, smartly whipped off the bails to put him back in the pavilion just 9 short of his half-century after a partnership of 92, leaving Goodson with a sound analysis of 3-27 from 7 overs.

As it transpired, the wicket could probably not have come at a better time for the batting side. First Joe Grundy strode out to score 8 from as many balls, while Glass upped his own tempo. Nine and eight runs were taken from the second and only overs delivered by Simon Blackburn and Dan Darley respectively, though Crawford's seventh and last over stemmed the flow. In the final over Grundy was bowled by Ingram, Glass was run out for an excellent 34 and Rose fell the same way off the last ball, leaving Jonathon Davies unbeaten on 3 from 2 balls; Simon Knight and John Earl did not bat. The final total, 131 for 8 wickets, was certainly competitive, and a good deal more than might have been expected given the nadir after six overs.

After a lavish tea, Clarke and Ingram strode to the wicket to begin the old boys' reply, while Walker and Green opened the bowling for 1st and 3rd. Some mighty blows from Clarke saw 20 taken off the first three overs, though Ingram perished in the fourth, caught behind by Harding. In fact, it later emerged that the ball had struck Ingram's wrist, rather than his glove (as thought by the umpire at the time), and so this was an undeserved blow to the batting side. Credit is due to the batsman for having walked, despite being not out according to the rules.

In the next over, a ball that nipped back from Walker struck Clarke on the pad; an optimistic appeal was sufficient to persuade Andy Pickard to raise his finger, despite a suggestion that the ball would have just missed the leg stump. This wicket was the catalyst for the match to swing the way of 1st and 3rd, as Graham Reid was run out and Rich Dewire bowled second ball by Walker. Walker then claimed his third wicket of the match in his fourth over, as Mike Goodson drove hard to mid-off where Talbott took the catch, diving to his right, giving him splendid figures of 3 for 12 from four overs.

At 32 for 5, in the seventh over, Black Prince were rocking; nevertheless there was batting to come down the order. Darley and Emma Wilton were now in the middle, with Glass and Talbott introduced to the attack. Though Wilton scored just a single from ten deliveries before being bowled by Glass, Crawford strode purposefully to the wicket, intent on making the next partnership a match-winning one. Glass, though, had other ideas. Using the element of surprise to brilliant effect he bowled a full toss which Crawford could only send skywards off the top edge; Grundy's safe pair of hands at midwicket accounted for the Black Prince captain and brought the game's only golden duck. Like the wickets of Ingram and Clarke earlier, this dismissal was not uncontroversial as there was a suggestion that the ball had been above waist height, hence should have been called a no-ball.

With two wickets in two balls, the field surrounded the bat for the hat-trick ball, bowled to Darley. Never can Glass have had a better chance of achieving every bowler's dream, but Darley was equal to the challenge as he came down the pitch to provide the game's Champagne Moment, belting the ball over long on for an enormous six, the only such of the day. Together with Simon Blackburn, fresh hope sprang from the gloom as 15 runs were added in three overs with no further loss. Though Talbott bowled economically, conceding just three from the bat in three overs, no breakthrough came until Blackburn played across the line to Glass and lost his middle stump. Graham Fisher fared little better, departing in the same fashion two balls later. Glass finished with a terrific return of four wickets for 13 from three overs, an outstanding performance and one which combined with his 34 runs gave him a deserved man of the match award.

The game was now all but over; Sarah Taylor came out as the number 11 and survived four balls before being run out off the first ball of Talbott's fourth over, the game's fifteenth, to end the contest. Darley finished unbeaten, having scored a defiant 16 not out. The final tally for Black Prince was 62 all out, still 69 runs short of the total accumulated by 1st and 3rd. Though a heavy defeat had looked likely for the youngsters after four overs of both innings, they came through to record a handsome victory in what had been a very competitive inaugural fixture. Black Prince will point to the dubious dismissals of their two three batsmen (Clarke, Crawford and Ingram), but having dropped both Talbott and Glass when each was still in single figures, they might instead reflect on chances missed.

All in all, this was an absolutely superb game of cricket which really could have gone either way. Enormous thanks are due to Mark Crawford for having coordinated the whole event so superbly, and to Andy Pickard for having umpired with such distinction. For now, 1st and 3rd may bask in their deserved glory while Black Prince must lick their wounds, but I think I speak for the whole of my team when I say that I am already looking forward to being challenged again next summer. Bring it on!

Official Score Card

1st and 3rd won the toss and decided to bat

1st and 3rd innings

Batsman                             Runs  Balls 4s    6s
B J Green                b Goodson  2     8     0     0
M J Byrne                b Crawford 0     4     0     0
N A Talbott   st Clarke  b Goodson  41    lots  1     0
C I Harding              b Goodson  0     3     0     0
D Walker                 b Crawford 2     13    0     0
J McI Glass              run out    34    lots  2     0
J W Grundy               b Ingram   8     8     0     0
J P Davies               not out    3     2     0     0
T W Rose                 run out    0     2     0     0
Extras        2b 1lb 33w 5nb        41
TOTAL:        8 wkts , 30 overs     131
              (overs completed)
Did not bat: S M Knight, J W Earl

Fall of wickets: 1-2 (2, Byrne), 2-2 (0, Green), 3-4 (2, Harding), 4-8 (4, Walker), 5-100 (92, Talbott), 6-127 (27, Grundy), 7-131 (4, Glass), 8-131 (0, Rose)

              Bowler                O     M     R     W
              M Crawford            7     3     5     2
              M J Goodson           7     0     27    3
              G Fisher              4     0     19    0
              C C S Ingram          4     0     23    1
              G Reid                3     0     17    0
              C Clarke              2     0     17    0
              D Darley              1     0     8     0
              S J Blackburn         2     0     14    0

Black Prince innings

Batsman                             Runs  Balls 4s    6s
C Clarke      lbw        b Walker   10    11    2     0
C C S Ingram  c Harding  b Green    3     17    0     0
G Reid                   run out    4     6     1     0
M J Goodson   c Talbott  b Walker   4     5     1     0
R A W Dewire             b Walker   0     2     0     0
E Wilton                 b Glass    1     10    0     0
D Darley                 not out    16    22    1     1
M Crawford    c Grundy   b Glass    0     1     0     0
S J Blackburn            b Glass    5     5     0     0
G Fisher                 b Glass    0     2     0     0
S A Taylor               run out    0     5     0     0
Extras        5b 0lb 12w 2nb        19
TOTAL:        all out , 14.1 overs  62

Fall of wickets: 1-20 (20, Ingram), 2-22 (2, Clarke), 3-27 (5, Reid), 4-31 (4, Dewire), 5-32 (1, Goodson), 6-35 (3, Wilton), 7-35 (0, Crawford), 8-50 (15, Blackburn), 9-50 (0, Fisher), 10-62 (12, Taylor)

              Bowler                O     M     R     W
              D Walker              4     1     12    3
              B J Green             3     0     15    1
              J McI Glass           3     0     13    4
              N A Talbott           3.1   0     6     0
              J W Grundy            1     0     10    0

Scoring notes: After 13 overs of the Black Prince innings, play was interrupted by a herd of cows invading the pitch at long on. Suggestions that this was caused by the introduction into the bowling attack of Joe Grundy, of agricultural fame, are unconfirmed.

Umpire: A Pickard
Man of the Match: J McI Glass
Champagne moment: Dan Darley hitting Jon Glass's hat-trick ball for six over long on

1st and 3rd:
B J Green , M J Byrne , N A Talbott (capt) , C I Harding (wkt) , D Walker , J McI Glass , J W Grundy , J P Davies , T W Rose , S M Knight , J W Earl

Black Prince:
C Clarke (wkt) , C C S Ingram , G Reid , M J Goodson , R A W Dewire , E Wilton , D Darley , M Crawford (capt) , S J Blackburn , G Fisher , S A Taylor (Neil)

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