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Lent Bumps 2002

1st women's VIII

Coxed by: B. A. Kirmani

Rowed over
First women set out yet again between Churchill and Girton. After a good start, we were closing slowly but steadily on Churchill until, when we were approx half to quarter of a length away, Clare failed to clear,having bumped New Hall. Churchill were forced to steer wide and, in the wind, hit the opposite bank. Following close behind there was nowhere for us to go but straight into them, Girton then piling in on top of that. Technical rowovers all round. Grrrrr. (Catherine)
Bumped Churchill
After three years and two technical row overs chasing Churchill we finally bumped them in 23 strokes and before the motorway bridge. A fantastic row that saw us reaching the potential that we tried to get yesterday but didn't quite achieve. My first bump, what more can I say.... (Sally)
At last the ladies' luck changes...! They got going well, whereas the Churchill girls lost it utterly. What a relief, at last. (Martin)
Bumped by Churchill
Well, officially it was Saturday and it was the second rerow of the day....

Row #1: we were going for the bump on Newhall but Queens' and Christs got in the way so there was a rerow from Clare down.

Rerow #1: in theory we had nothing to lose as Newhall was infront, Pembroke was in front of them and then Clare was at the start of the rerow. Churchill had been nowhere to be seen on Friday so we were hoping for at least a bump. Unfortunately Newhall messed up pulling into the bank having bumped Pembroke and allowed Clare an easy row over. Another rerow was called for...

Rerow #2: Us in front followed by Churchill then Catz and Girton at the rear. Girton and Churchill were out for blood having both been bumped by the respective crews in front of them. Despite diversive coxing tactics from Julia, there was nothing we could do to get away from a determined Churchill crew, finally conceding in the plough reach. (Sally)
Bumped by Girton
Row no three of the day and yet again we were stuck between Churchill and Girton. Baz was back in the coxes seat and the crew was out to show Churchill that we meant to bump them on Thursday and that their flukey row earlier was due to the substitution they had made for the rerow. Unfortunately they were still on a high from their earlier bump and managed to bump out Pembroke leaving us no choice but to defend our place from Girton. We put up a good fight and gave as much as we could so the fact that we had to give in to Girton at the top of the reach was a disappointment to say the least. Next year we will be back..... (Sally)

1. FaT begins its space...
2. Passing the Plough
3. From the Motorway Br...

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