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Lent Bumps 2002

4th men's VIII

Coxed by: Sarah Legrand

Bumped Caius III
Technical bump. Caius didn't have a life-jacket. (P. Whiting)
Bumped Peterhouse II
Good start, made up ground quickly and bumped them in first post corner. Pulled in to watch the carnage. Will be rowing as the sandwich boat in M3 tomorrow. (Dan Bradley)
The truly outstanding effort of the caius 3 boat today was particularly impressive. Its just a shame they forgot their lifejacket yesterday and we only got a technical bump. (Dan)
Today saw us chasing a Peterhouse II boat already in free fall, having been double overbumped by Homerton the previous day. Caius III did not trouble us, though apparently we should have hit Pt II far earlier. It was all over by first post, starting from 2nd station.

Thanks to the Caius' rowing avoidance this was my first "proper" bumps, but it was what followed that will forever be etched on my memory.

After the bump and in true 4th boat fashion we did not really know what to do. We pulled in on the inside of first post corner, while PtII went for the outside. Despite blades pulled in all round the narrowed river proved a task too far for Caius' cox, just as bringing a life jacket had the previous day. They pulled off a remarkable parallel parking move, to end up side by side with Peterhouse and interlocking riggers. It looked painful, but not as painful as what was to follow. Unsuprisingly, with the river narrowed even further boats had trouble getting through. After Kings II got their bump on the stranded Caius a further 2 or so boats made it, jarringly, before the fun really started.

Amidst various calls from the bank one suggestion was for Caius to push off and row on. Sadly only bow pair heard this. The resultant push off was just enough for the stream to catch the bows, with the end result that the bow came to rest against BP4 while the stern stayed in close company with PtII. River blocked.

I seem to recall that on two occasions crews who came around the corner failed to hold it up on time. Both the Peterhouse and Caius cox had to get friendly with their stroke men to avoid getting friendly with another boats bow ball as it invaded their personal space. A classic kodak moment, it seems a shame that no-one appears to have caught it on camera. (Keith Noble-Nesbitt)
Rowed over as sandwich boat
This one was pretty hardcore for us 4th boat lads. We had a bit of mess at the start as we didnt hear the gun go off. however despite this we managed to take chunks out of Hughes early on. I believe we got it down to about 2/3 of a boat length. At some point on the run up to first post corner they started pulling away. We upped the effort again and managed to hold them for the next section until somewhere on the reach. As we chased them down the reach they pulled away fractionally but again we lifted and held them. Somewhere about 1/3 of the way down the reach our No7 vomitted, but didnt lose his stride. We continued to hold them until about the railway bridge where we started to fade but we drove it home and only truly relented after they'd crossed the line.

Huge credit to Paul Whiting at No2 - he rowed despite being somewhat under the weather. Unfortunately the result of the hard fought race told on him as he vomited after we crossed the line.

All in all a damn fine row. Tomorrow we will row over as head of m4 and then have another go at them as sandwich boat. (Dan)
Rowed over
The first race as head of the m4 was nice and relaxed. We took it off quiclkly at the start and rapidly gained distance over the boat behind. We kept up the pressure until approaching grassy and then dropped down to half pressure for the rest of the race as no one was in sight. (Dan)
We had several lengths on Pt II when they were bumped by Kings on grassy. The crew were a little too pumped up to take the rating down as quickly as we should have, but it turned into a nice relaxed row from Ditton, rating in the low 20's.

As we crossed the finish line Caius III could be made out in the distance, coming around Ditton. They were under pressure and planted themselves in the reeds. Bumped. Gotta love the style... (Keith Noble-Nesbitt)
Rowed over as sandwich boat
Second race didnt go quite as well. though we managed to hear the gun this time we were right on target with a good start and we managed to close them to half a boat length as we approached first post corner. unfortunately our plan was an all out sprint up to first post and if we werent within a canvas at that point we were going to wind it down and just row over, which is precisely waht we did. A real nice row right til the end. (Dan)

1. Passing the Plough
2. Passing the Plough
3. First post corner

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