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University IVs 2001

Light IV (Light IVs)

Semi finals
Beat Jesus (15s)
With the return to form of Mr Peck, the crew upgraded its status from 3+ to 4- and prepared for battle. However, despite best efforts at publicity beforehand the bank party turnout was poor, so much so in fact that the stroke seat from Mary G had deserted us and gone to support the 2nd IV. We rowed down to the railway bridge and decided on a start (best not to arrange these things too early for fear of leaking information to the opposition), retrieved our seat from the victorious 2nd IV and plodded off downwind towards the start.

We were pleased to find we had been drawn to start ahead, not knowing where the bottom finish post was, and as we paddled up into position gave a passable impression of people who might have rowed a bit, sometime, maybe even quite well, maybe not. The start however laid all doubts to rest as we careered our way under the motorway bridge and wallowed through the outflow. The stride was called, and we settled back to a leisurely pace (with Jesus closing fast) knowing that our superior fitness would tell in the end.

The corners were steered with unerring precision by Mr Thorne, with Mr Glass providing quiche (often even without prompting) as and when required to spur on the stroke side oars. Thus refreshed, the crew emerged onto the reach having made up most of the ground lost in the early stages. It was clear now that Jesus were flagging - their lack of race preparation and obvious inattention to the fitness requirements of the modern rower began to show as they wilted in the headwind, while the grim determination of Mr Andrews served to spur the Trinity crew on into the wind. By the railings we were comfortably moving away, and a disasterous Jesuan attempt to cut the corner half way down the reach only served once again to underline the dangers of not spending sufficicient time practicing the necessary line. Their fate was sealed, and as 1st & 3rd kicked for home at the railway bridge Jesus continued to recede. The final verdict, 15s. (Jon)

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