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University IVs 2001

A knockout competition for Cambridge College IVs over 2800m (light IVs), 2000m (men's coxed IVs) or 1300m (women's coxed IVs)
Mon 29th October - Fri 2nd November

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Light IV, Light IVs

Semi finals
Beat Jesus (15s)
With the return to form of Mr Peck, the crew upgraded its status from 3+ to 4- and prepared for battle. However, despite best efforts at publicity beforehand the bank party turnout was poor, so much so in fact that the stroke seat from Mary G had deserted us and gone to support the 2nd IV. We rowed down to the railway bridge and decided on a start (best not to arrange these things too early for fear of leaking information to the opposition), retrieved our seat from the victorious 2nd IV and plodded off downwind towards the start.

We were pleased to find we had been drawn to start ahead, not knowing where the bottom finish post was, and as we paddled up into position gave a passable impression of people who might have rowed a bit, sometime, maybe even quite well, maybe not. The start however laid all doubts to rest as we careered our way under the motorway bridge and wallowed through the outflow. The stride was called, and we settled back to a leisurely pace (with Jesus closing fast) knowing that our superior fitness would tell in the end.

The corners were steered with unerring precision by Mr Thorne, with Mr Glass providing quiche (often even without prompting) as and when required to spur on the stroke side oars. Thus refreshed, the crew emerged onto the reach having made up most of the ground lost in the early stages. It was clear now that Jesus were flagging - their lack of race preparation and obvious inattention to the fitness requirements of the modern rower began to show as they wilted in the headwind, while the grim determination of Mr Andrews served to spur the Trinity crew on into the wind. By the railings we were comfortably moving away, and a disasterous Jesuan attempt to cut the corner half way down the reach only served once again to underline the dangers of not spending sufficicient time practicing the necessary line. Their fate was sealed, and as 1st & 3rd kicked for home at the railway bridge Jesus continued to recede. The final verdict, 15s. (Jon)
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1st men's IV, 1st division

1st round
Lost to Christ's (3s)
The 1st coxed IV had lost by 39 seconds over the weekend, and had to pull a blinder out of the hat to do something. The race plan appeared simple - pull hard, and keep doing lifts until the finish line, or you pass out, whichever was sooner. Fortunately for the rowers' healths, the finish line was first, but the margin was a loss by 3 seconds - a hugely impressive result. [by the webmaster]
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1st women's IV, 1st division

1st round
Beat Magdalene (3 lengths)
Surviving a hefty blade clash at the start, the crew moved clear easily and had a comfortable lead at the railway bridge which they retained to the finish at top finish. [by the webmaster]
2nd round
Lost to Peterhouse (4 lengths)
It was a very good row with which the crew were pleased, but the Peterhouse crew were powerful and simply too fast to be in contention. [by the webmaster]

1. Comfortable lead ove...
2. Crew from bowside (z...
3. Crew from bow side (...

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2nd men's IV, 2nd division

2nd round
Beat Trtinity Hall II (28s)
As the 2nd IV pushed off at the start, at just past 2pm, we thought it was our day - Tit Hall II had failed to show up and we prepared to do a grind and easy row over in preparation for our race tomorrow. Unfortunately CUCBC had other ideas and pulled us back in to inform us we'd have to hang around for 40 minutes as Tit Hall had turned up but not rowed down because of a marshalling error. Humph. Still, we stuck about, and after seeing the state Tit Hall were in when they finally arrived we were confident of putting in a good performance.

We lined up as lead boat and waited while Hall tried to point their boat down the river rather than across it. Lauren shouts "Attention. Go!" - we go, they don't. We return. The explanation is that they didn't hear the start. We wait a bit longer. More straightening frolics ensue. "Attention. Go!" - we go, they don't. We return. Tit Hall are confirmed as officially deaf. Lauren stands next to us and points the megaphone at Tit Hall. "Attention. Go!" - this time we're off! Winding to some unfeasibly high rating and scrapping all vestiges of the start we'd worked on beforehand we pelt off down First Post Reach. I feel knackered (Bumps styleee) by First Post Corner, but no matter, Tit Hall aren't gaining! We keep it up, the rating that is, all the way to the Reach where we hit the wind hard, slowing up quite a bit and spacking wildly. No matter: we take the rating up. Halfway down the Reach we see Tit Hall come around Ditton and perform the same boat-stopping manoeuvre. With a final push we take it home, and all see that Tit Hall are far from the line. Breathing, shouting, swapping rowers and celebrating all take place under the Railway Bridge. Bring on LMBC!! (Dan)
3rd round
Beat LMBC II (3s)
After the confidence building win yesterday against a rather poor showing from Hall, we approached this race with a mixture of anticipation and anxiety. We were racing the LMBC crew that had beaten us in the previous Saturday's Autumn Head whilst rowing directly behind us and we were once again starting off in front.

They had looked fairly reasonable but by now we had doubled our outings number together as a crew and we were ready to take on and hopefully beat the Red Scum. We were expecting a close race and planned a continuous series of pushes down the course followed by a huge effort into the headwind up the Reach.

After the usual faff at the start while both crews attempted to get lined up simultaneously and avoid being blown across into the far bank, Guy gave a swift "Attention, Go!!" and we were away. No false starts from the opposition today. With a reasonable headwind coming down First Post Reach, the start was a bit slower than yesterday, and LMBC were slowly beginning to close the intervening gap. Sticking to the race plan, we pushed and pushed again, but Maggie were noticeably closer than Hall had been coming round First Post Corner, and may even have been slightly up on us. With both Jessie in the boat and Andy on the bank shouting at us to row harder, we pulled away around Grassy and down Plough Reach. As we were rounding Ditton, Maggie started to close up again and were inside distance on us. Having realised that there was absolutely no headwind on the Reach, probably for the first time in years, we pushed back again.

Just after the railings, with Maggie coming back at us again (why coudln't they just give it up ?), we decided to utilise our special move: the continuous wind; and continued to wind it up until we passed the finish line. Although they tried admirably, LMBC couldn't cope with the extra power we were putting on (including a few air shots and an almost-crab) and finished just afterwards; we won the battle, but the war goes on... Tomorrow it's Christ's II in the Semi-Final. (Matt)
After a brief chat to decide how we would improve on yesterday's row, we pushed off with plenty of time and rowed down to Chesterton, where our bank party of JPD, Henry and Andrew helped us marshall. With plenty of time to spare, we had time to contemplate the pros and cons of a variety of women's boats racing past and Boat Race cox calls (deciding "Panther" was a good call) - but, most importantly that we'd rather shit in our pants than lose to Lady Margaret. We paddled down to top station, and as the first race off, quickly got ourselves ready to race. LMBc - coached by Blues rower Tom Edwards-Moss - looked alright, it was going to be a close race.

After much realignment, Guy got us underway. Our start wasn't as good as yesterday, but the power was still there - once again I was knackered by the end of First Post Reach. We kept it up to the Reach, with a series of pushes. Much to our surprise the anticipated massive headwind in the Reach failed to materialise so we made the most of it and did a push, taking the rating up and putting even more power in the water. All this time Maggie appeared just about on station, but as we beasted the reach it became apparent they were starting to lag behind. A final shout to wind it up came just after the railings, and when we saw LMBC's finish marshall drop his hand after ours, we knew we'd won. Just. Three cheers and much stretching later we were back in the boat and paddling home. It'd been hard, but we'd beaten the Maggie scum! Christ's tomorrow. (Dan)
Semi finals
Lost to Christ's II (6s)
After two good wins against Tit Hall and Maggie, it was pretty clear that Christs would be a bigger challenge in the semi-final. With Rebecca North in the cox's seat we pushed off as usual and embarked on a similar style warm-up to what we'd been doing on previous days. We were heartened by a late night post on the CUCBC message board by Christs II, asking if they could borrow a plastic racing shell for the days racing...unfortunately, it looked like they'd found one!

Marshalling and going off in the 3rd race as head boat, we had Andrew, Martin and Ian around to bank party us. The start positioning was once again quite tricky due to the blustery wind, but Guy's umpiring expertise soon had both crews ready to go. So we did. First time! Our start wasn't as powerful as the day before's, neither was our stride, so it wasn't really until Grassy that we started to hit any decent race rhythm. Once again our push into the Reach was nice, picking up quite a bit of boat speed, but all the time we could see Christs were gaining. A determined final push and wind saw us home just after Christs - a deficit that was confirmed later as 6s. We'd run it close, but weren't quite good enough on the day. (Dan)

1. Lining up the start
2. Close up of the 1st ...
3. Puddles of first dra...

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2nd women's IV, 2nd division

2nd round
Lost to St. Catharine's IV (2.5 lengths)
Only half the official crew were able to row, so Amelia and Anna were joined by two subs. I gather there were some boat stopping incidents along the way, so 2.5 lengths doesn't sound all that bad. [by the webmaster]
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3rd men's IV, 2nd division

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