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May Bumps 2001

1st women's VIII

Coxed by: Alex Lee

Bumped by Girton
After a good start we were well away from Girton and going for the bump on Selwyn. Unfortunately carnage in the gut caused both Selwyn and Newhall ahead of them to stop (they had a rerow later). So through the corners it was down to just us and Girton, who stayed pretty much on distance. Around Ditton they began to close up and we had a tough race up the reach with them snapping at our heels. Guttingly they managed to hit us with only a few strokes to go. (Rosie)
Bumped by CCAT
Difficult to describe without use of expletives. Bow 7 had a confused start after we were blown into the bank, (at least I think that's what happened, unless CCAT have taken up telekinesis). We got back together well though, and with all VIII rowing pushed away. But not enough. Magdalene failed to go fast enough to get them before they got us. We were bumped in Plough reach. (Rosie)
Bumped by Peterhouse
But we rowed really hard and got up to half a length off CCAT. Had a great start and held them off for a good while before getting bumped outside the Plough. (Rosie)
Bumped by Magdalene
We set off determined to row over and not get spoons, sadly Magdalene had other ideas. The start was not quite as brilliant as friday but we quickly got the boat up to speed and magdalene did not get too close too quickly. However they were a fast crew and by Ditton were aiming their bows into us. At that point Julia (subbing for Alex) called for a push, and push we did, dramatically getting clear water again and allowing Julia to move the stern around to safety. Up the reach we kept pushing away, but sadly getting bumped became unavoidable. It was very disapointing to get spoons, and especially to be hit by a crew who we took down last Mays, but it was a good row, we gave it absolutely everything we could. This year has not been good, but there is now a core of experienced rowers who can go out for revenge next year! (Rosie)

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