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Lent Bumps 2001

1st men's VIII

Coxed by: S. E. Richards

Rowed over Head
The first eight had been expecting the weather to turn all day, and sure enough we pushed out as a gentle flurry of snow began to fall. After a slightly nervous row down, we found ourselves spinning on the four minute gun and pulled in with a couple of minutes to go. Starting strongly, we moved away from Caius before finding a rhythm down the gut and plough reach that took us out to about 2.5 lengths clear. After pushing into the reach the crew's attention drifted somewhat to the drama behind, as Emma closed on Caius to bump sometime after the railings. With Maggie just visible in the distance, we took it home comfortably to top finish. (Jon)
First eight looked good off the start, pulling away from Caius; however, I then lost track of them.... (Will Thorne)
Sweet. Really really sweet. One year after everyone else, and only thanks to a lot of physio at CUBC, I get to row over head. (Simon)
Wasn't that sweet, Simon. Caius were rather closer than 3 lengths behind when they got bumped. (Dubya)
Bumped by Emmanuel
With the first day butterflies laid to rest, we had a more comfortable row down and a solid practice start, again spinning on the four minute gun. The start was strong, we pulled away, and a good clean row through the Gut and around Grassy saw us a little outside distance coming past the Plough. Emma's plan from this point was clear; a series of pushes brought them gradually closer and although we responded well to each one, we failed to take back any distance. Their final move proved too much on the day - they achieved the bump at Morley's Halt. (Jon)

1. Emmanuel begin to ma...
2. Comfortable margin a...
3. Fit Ian Napier

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