The Club's Results

Henley Royal Regatta, May Term 2000

1st men's VIII, blackburn for glass, were for case (Temple Cup)

Coxed by: Sophie Rickards

Lost out by 1 second
Mishaps on the day contrived against us (strokeside riggers were all bent on the Churchill trailer). To have lost out by something like a second was bitterly disappointing. (Martin)
After an entertaining trip down which combined doing the crossword with train spotting at Twyford station, we arrived at the regatta site in good time. In what would turn out to be my last action as club secretary, I went to get the paperwork and we decided to get Sophie weighed before there was queue. Obviously it's rude to discuss a lady's weight, so suffice to say that Soph was more than 10kg lighter than the 55kg limit, and at that time only 10kg could be carried. The process of binge feeding the cox then started and she finally scraped up to the limit. Needless to say, this also didn't help get us in the right frame of mind for racing. (Simon)

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