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Head of the River Race, Lent Term 1999

1st men's VIII (Senior4 VIIIs)

Coxed by: Julia Gog

165th overall
Time: 19:14.94
What a weekend. The fact that we rowed like shit and were beaten by Colleges like Robinson seemed small in comparison! In fairness, the preparation probably really didn't help. Oh well, we 'place-warmed' quite effectively, coming in at double our start place! Moral: I reckon some weekends are just destined to be shit! (Rich)
Rich has done justice to the immediate preparation but forgets the week leading up to the race.
He had had to return home and left me as de facto captain and in charge of training. Big mistake.

We were all totally knackered from our overtraining all term (6 land, 7 water seesions / week!) and a bit down after the Headship-loss. I therefore decided that it was more important to restore morale. Ably assisted at first by Glass, Fisher and Goodson and later by most of the club, a daily routine of afternoon football followed by Maypole drinks followed by Beer, Pizza, Beer, Pringles, Beer, Colin McRae and Beer was begun. Typical finishing times were 5am. By the end of the week we had achieved two of the club's finest achievements: The Beeramid; and modifying OddBinss stocking policy for Heineken.

However, we weren't getting much better at rowing and I think it is fair to say that even without all the other disasters would not have broken 100th. (Ingram)
It was Bottoms Up, not Oddbins. Clearly the slab market was not as buoyant in later years, as BU has closed down! (Graham Fisher)

1. The Beeramid

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