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Lent Bumps 1999

1st men's VIII

Coxed by: Julia Gog

Rowed over Head
The race was unbelievable: Maggie got off well and were clearly really going for it. They were almost upon us out of Ditton and we were clinging on all the way up the reach. Under the Railway Bridge they had a large amount of overlap, but their cox continued to miss as she steered for us. We scented victory, found rhythm and rowed away. A testament to the gritty nature of the crew: awesome. (Rich)
Rowed over Head
An easier day: with more confidence we held Maggie off with reasonably little difficulty before they were bumped at Ditton by Caius. (Rich)
Bumped by Caius
Our defence of the headship came to an end. Caius in the end were just too powerful, and whereas we pushed off Maggie when they got close, Caius just kept coming, bumping us out of Ditton. Min-numbing, total dejection. Gutted. Just gutted. (Rich)
Bumped by LMBC
We faced an action replay of Wednesday. Except that this time they just managed to make contact and our fate was sealed. Annoying, given that we had escaped once, and were well inside distance on Caius at the time, being a very fit crew. Ah well, next year hey? (Rich)

1. Turning onto Plough ...
2. Demoted to 2nd, chas...
3. Calm water ahead on ...

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