The Club's Results

May Bumps 1998

2nd men's VIII

Coxed by: Raf Carbonell

Bumped Girton
They went for the bump on Girton at Ditton, but they missed and almost hit the bank. They fortunately got them at the Railway Bridge, as Queens' II got up to 1/2 length on them. (Matt)
We were miles better than Girton and had them at half a length at Grassy after a good start. We closed down Plough Reach and had overlap at Ditton. Raf called a push for the bump rather then the corner but we somehow missed them. A handbrake turn round the outside of Ditton was required leaving us a langth down and with Queens II now close behind. We were knackered from having driven ourselves down Plough reach and Girton could not believe their luck (the smae thing hapened to them the next day, apparently!).

However, a series of pushes down the reach saw us finally bump just before the railway bridge. It was one of the most knackeriong races I've been in and 3 members of the crew were throwing up! (Ingram)
Rowed over
The 2nd VIII rowed over as Downing II hit Selwyn in front of them. (Matt)
Bumped Selwyn
A really textbook bump saw us continue to close throughout the corners. Overlap was reached by the railings. Shortly after, I was clasping the Selwyn stern. (Ingram)
Bumped Downing II
The 2nd VIII were lucky when their hang back plan worked due to Downing II's rudder falling off. They might not have got them as they were 2 1/2 lengths off at the Railings. (Matt)
It was absolutely pelting it down throughout the row down. There were several inches of water in the bottom of all the boats. Downing thought they'd be clever and all jumped out to toss the boat with a few minutes to go. However, they must have knocked the rudder as they put it back in, in their haste. We rowed steadily but made no impact on them as they closed on Maggie in front. However, they suddenly hit the bank as there rudder failed in the late Reach and we rowed past them to bump.

We were deliberately muted in celebrations as it was pure luck that we had bumped. However, that did not stop Downing and their coach, Rhiannon, being particularly abusive and rude to us as they rowed past. I shall never forget that. (Ingram)

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