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A Guide to Coxing

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Who is a cox?

The coxswain is the person in charge of the rowers and the boat. The cox usually sits in the stern, gives instructions to the rowers and steers the boat. It is a responsible role but this does not mean it cannot be fun! Coxing is usually a role for smaller people who are more dominant, like to be in control and can lead well. However, there are many good coxes outside of this stereotype. You can be a boy or a girl, tall or short, loud or quiet and you can still enjoy coxing and be good at it. So please try it out!

What will you have to do this term?

During your novice term you will be eased into coxing to get familiar with the river, navigation rules, basics of rowing to get a taste of what coxing on the Cam is like. You will start by coxing tubs. Tubs are boats for two rowers. These are very easy to steer and give you the basic feel of how to be in control of a boat. Once familiar with these you will next get into bigger boats with four or eight rowers. After about three weeks you will get to cox eights with novice rowers and in November crews will be set. The ultimate goal of the term is to race in Novice Fairbairns.

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