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A Guide to Coxing

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Appendix II. Rules of the Cam

1) Equipment

a) You must wear a lifejacket over the top of all other garments.
b) You must wear a working watch.

2) Boating

a) A flag is flown from Goldie boathouse. Although this flag is reproduced on the "First and Third" website you must always check the real flag in case it has changed. The following restrictions apply:

i) No crew may boat if the flag is red.
ii) Only tub pairs may boat if both the red and yellow flags are flown.
iii) Only 1st VIIIs, 1st IVs, boats in the 1st and 2nd men's divisions of the May Bumps and boats in the 1st women's division of the May Bumps may boat if the flag is yellow.

Even if you are permitted to go out you must still assess the conditions yourself.

b) No College Crew may be on the water during the "Hours of Darkness" which can be found on the CUCBC website. These must be checked before each outing. In the morning make sure you do not boat early. In the evening, make sure you start returning to the boathouse in good time.

3) Position

a) Below Grassy Corner you must keep to the right
b) Above Ditton Corner you must keep to the right.
c) Between just downstream of Ditton corner and just downstream of Grassy corner you must keep to the left. The crossing points are clearly marked.

When crossing over, make sure you are aware of all traffic around you. Avoid crossing the river either early or late unless there are no other crews around and you have a good reason not to cross where marked. If it is unsafe to cross then stop and wait until it becomes safe.

4) Right of Way

a) If there is any danger of collision the boat going downstream must give way to the boat going upstream.
b) No boat ever has right of way when on the wrong side of the river.

5) Stopping, Spinning and Overtaking

a) When you stop you must pull into the bank to allow others to pass.
b) You must not stop on a corner if it is possible to continue.
c) You may not spin without first checking that you will not impede others.
d) You may not spin or overtake on a corner or in Plough Reach or the Gut.
e) A slower boat should allow a faster boat to pass.

6) Miscellaneous

a) You must not make any unnecessary noise between Jesus Lock and the Railway Bridge before 7:30am. Keep your coxbox at the minimum volume that can be heard by the whole crew. You should only issue essential commands. There should be no coaching until you have passed the Railway Bridge or it is after 7:30.
b) You should not stop immediately adjacent to anglers and you should try to avoid them when paddling. If you find yourself in a confrontational situation you should be polite. Do not argue. Move on and, if you think it is appropriate, report the incident to the Captain.
c) With the exception of certain race days (when new guidelines will be issued), you must paddle light pressure between Chesterton Footbridge and Jesus Lock.
d) Be aware of moored boats. Avoid scraping your blades against them. If you have to push off a barge you should do using its fenders or under the waterline.
e) You must be familiar with all the information contained in Appendix III of the CUCBC Handbook: Early Morning Traffic Restrictions.

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