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Lent Bumps 2019

3rd men's VIII

Coxed by: Ilsu Erdem Ari

Bumped by Magdalene II

The crew had a clean technical start. The boat was mostly sat, with a great rhythmic push at the beginning (especially with the "draw" calls. We were getting very close to Catz M2 and would have probably caught up to them had Magdalene M2 been slower. The team had a very nice response to my calls, especially for the squeezing and the sitting up round the corners. Even though we got bumped, we still maintained M3 headship in the end!

(Ilsu Erdem Ari)
Bumped by Trinity Hall II

An even better start than the one on the first day, with more concentration and less excitement. Much more focussed and constant pushes. Great responsive crew, especially round the first corner. The “sit up” call was very effective and the crew managed to keep the boat fairly sat, despite the strong wind and agitated water. We managed to row faster than Trinity Hall in the first part of the race. However, we got bumped, mainly due to the strong wind and to a loss of power just before the second corner. Had we been chasing Trinity Hall, we would have certainly bumped them. In any case, the crew managed to have a strong start and maintain it strong up against a very powerful wind. 

(Ilsu Erdem Ari)
M3 quickly gained a length on Trinity Hall II but, on the corners, they unfortunately succumbed to a loss of power and timing, resulting in them being bumped approaching Ditton. The bump-back on Friday is definitely achievable! (K. Ergene)
We put up a solid fight in rather windy conditions. History will forever wonder how much of our mettle was down to the sobering effect of Kerem's firm and remorseless countdown as we sat under the bridge waiting for our ears to get destroyed. We held off Trinity Hall very well halfway or more to Ditton Corner, with Clare gaining on them in turn. With a front seat view to all this predator-prey drama on the watery prairie my only thought was for us to push as hard as we can until Trinity Hall get taken down. Sadly Clare let up the pressure or messed up their line coming through Grassy, while Trinity Hall made a push we couldn't quite match coming up to Ditton Corner. Generally great response from the whole crew to push calls from Ilsu. Looking forward to going after Trinity Hall on Friday. (Mihkel)
Bumped by Clare Hall
With an even more technical and powerful start than the previous two days, this race ended in despair as even Clare Hall were found to be better than us. (In complete denial of the existence of Clare Hall, I personally think it's unfair that Clare gets two boat clubs. Having two boat clubs is surely a mark of shame on any college.) The race plan was simple: do exactly the same as on Wednesday. The fools! Although we did achieve exactly the same as on Wednesday, we now knew the impossibility of a 2.6km row-over with such an unfit crew. Despite an incredible start, gaining somewhat on Tit Hall, looking for the revenge bump, we did not give it our all and Tit Hall soon gained some distance as we tired. Meanwhile, we were let down by Fitz who decided not to continue their blades-wards trajectory with some frankly abysmal rowing after an initial gain on Clare Hall on the start. As we tired, we could see Clare Hall gain on us. To the not at all deafening cheers of the largely apathetic audience (I assume there is no minimum number of people to constitute an audience), Clare Hall rowed further and for longer than they would have hoped before bumping us.
(Luke Barratt)
Rowed over
The plan was to fly off the start and bump back Clare Hall M1, or die trying. Tremendous work from the whole crew as the whistles were sounding by First Post and we almost got them. We couldn't muster a powerful enough push for the bump and let them draw away, but had put so much clear water between ourselves and the pursuing Fitz M2 that they in turn fell prey to Churchill without ever threatening us. We rowed over towards the siren song of BCD and retained M3 headship. (Mihkel)

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