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The Club's Results

Lent Bumps 2019

The famous Cambridge University Bumps on the River Cam
Tue 5th - Sat 9th March

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Results Overview

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1st women's VIII Bumped Murray Edwards Bumped Clare Rowed over Bumped by LMBC
1st men's VIII Bumped Clare Bumped Peterhouse Bumped Christ's Rowed over
2nd men's VIII Bumped by St. Edmund's Bumped by Darwin Bumped by Sidney Sussex Bumped by Hughes Hall
3rd men's VIII Bumped by Magdalene II Bumped by Trinity Hall II Bumped by Clare Hall Rowed over
2nd women's VIII Overbumped by Queens' II Bumped Jesus III Overbumped by Trinity Hall II Bumped by Darwin II

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Double Overbumped
Overbumped - hit the crew 3 in front
Bumped the crew in front
Row over head of division
Row over - did not bump
Got Bumped
Got Overbumped
Got Double overbumped
Got Triple overbumped. D'oh.

1st women's VIII

Bumped Murray Edwards
Bumps before First Post aren’t meant to happen this high in Division 1. This was some fast rowing. (K. Ergene)
What a wonderful day for W1 who bumped Medwards before First Post corner! I'm so happy and very proud :) 

Nerves were running high when marshalling, with Bianca doing random squats to calm herself down (?!) and Megan forgetting how to count down from 20. But they need not have worried. A flying start saw W1 gain a whistle almost immediately. A slight lapse in pressure followed and the girls maintained a boat length for thirty seconds or so. But then they really turned up the gas and ploughed into Medwards, gaining two, then three whistles (Bomber doesn't do sustained whistles for some reason). Poor old Medwards didn't stand a chance.

With smiles all round, and blue and yellow stripey headbands decorated with greenery, FaT W1 rowed home, not only the most massive crew on the river, but the most stylish too. They're going to smash Clare tomorrow!
(M.E. Crane)
Bumped Clare
It is telling that even Bomber was impressed with W1's burst and practice start today. They were on FIRE. This was going to be a tougher row than yesterday, especially given the conditions, but the girls were focused and determined. 

Another strong start worked in their favour as we got a whistle on Clare within 20 seconds. This soon increased to two, then three whistles as W1 came round First Post corner. Unfortunately Alan decided to take the more scenic route around this corner; all of us on the bank held our breath (although Bomber instead was cursing under his breath) as W1 just got round with bowside slightly lightening off for a stroke and strokeside giving it some. 

This reduced W1's gain to just one whistle. But we were soon back, getting slight overlap with Clare at the beginning of the plough! At this point Clare did an impressive push to get away and we did not respond, losing overlap and falling back to two whistles. I think I had a slight heart attack, not going to lie. But I should never have doubted the girls. They had a big power 10 and bumped Clare just before Ditton! Awesome, awesome stuff!! (I apologise for my incessant screaming in the background of the video). Tomorrow will be a tough day chasing Downing but I am VERY optimistic. 
(M.E. Crane)
Due to the division starting early I missed most of the race, but arrived at the perfect moment at Ditton to see W1 close out their second bump of the week! Great effort by everyone in the boat. (P. Robinson)
Rowed over
Determined to execute their race plan, W1 had a neat and powerful start from position 5. They held Downing W1 at station and moved away from Clare almost immediately. A slightly panicked row from the gut to the plough saw Downing move away and Clare begin to catch up... By Ditton corner, Clare had got overlap on us (I don't think I've screamed so much in my life). But FaT dug deep, drew on months of training and pushed away from Clare, into the headwind. It was very, very impressive to watch (even the marshal agreed!).

After this awesome escape, W1 settled into a more solid rhythm down the Reach in the hope of catching Downing. Unfortunately the bump never came as Downing had got too far ahead. Under Bomber's instruction at the P&E to slightly wind it down and save strength for tomorrow (Clare by this point were miles away - they had given everything up at Ditton), Alan proceeded to call a couple of "up two-s" (cue cursing from Bomber). 

Overall, a very impressive rowthrough. Stay tuned for what I hope will be a report about a bump tomorrow!
(M.E. Crane)
A good strong start meant W1 held Downing on station until the gut, with Clare dropping to 2 lengths behind. However the rhythm was slightly too high and fast, and coming through grassy this began to tell as Downing pulled away to 2 lengths and Clare closed the gap. W1 stayed determined coming through the plough, but Clare again moved closer, until they had overlap coming out of Ditton corner. It was at this point that everyone in the boat decided they didn't want to be bumped, and promptly found a fantastic rhythm to walk away from a Clare boat which struggled with the headwind on the reach. This rhythm meant the gap to Downing started to slowly close, but sadly it would not be enough to go for a late bump, and so the crew held strong for a solid row over. Another chance at bumping into the top 4 tomorrow, and definitely achievable with their best rowing! (P. Robinson)
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1st men's VIII

Bumped Clare
Seriously impressive stuff from M1 today! Silent focus after Bomber's pep talk was the theme on the start line, and it certainly paid off. An intimidating start left Catz M1 lengths behind. But Clare had a good start as well, leaving FaT on station after around 30 seconds. Slowly but surely the men began to gain on Clare, gaining a whistle after about a minute. Slightly confused to hear Bomber shout 'go on Peterhouse - lose them!' I looked forward to see Clare catching up with Peterhouse! FaT would have to speed up to catch Clare before Clare got Peterhouse. And they sure did. The whistles just kept on coming, and FaT bumped Clare just after First Post corner!! Bomber actually jumped with joy, hitting his bike handlebars in excitement! An amazing and committed row boys - well done! Now smash Pembroke. (M.E. Crane)
We pushed off with plenty of slack in the chain, so were slightly closer to Catz than I would have liked - however in the end it made no difference.  Our start was not the best we've done but the rate came up to around 41 even in the wind, and we quickly moved away from Catz and soon onto a length off Clare.  The crew did well not to panic with the whistles and held our speed along FP reach.  Clare had tried and failed to catch Peterhouse and very quickly came back to us on the corner.  In the end we didn't need to call a push as our cruising speed was sufficient - later in the week this won't be the case.  My feeling is we have a lot more tricks up our sleeve should we need to pull them out against faster crews. (Jedge)
Not our best row, but it was efficient and did the job. Nerves ran high on day 1 on bumps, and this reflected on the paddle down which was quite tense and didn't have the calm relaxation that we've gotten used to in the past few weeks. Having entered barely any races all term, there was always going to be slight mystery to if we were actually as fast as we thought we were, and it was nice to confirm our speed by smashing Clare at first post corner, and we enter tomorrow with confidence that if we row as well as we know we can, the result will come.  (D. Lee)
C.f. race report for W1. A very good day for FaT. (K. Ergene)
Bumped Peterhouse
We were definitely very fortunate in this race - that said FaT M1 haven't had the best luck in the last few years so perhaps it was about time for some to come our way.  As my 50th bumps race with the club I'm happy it was an eventful and memorable one.
Our start was slightly better than yesterday's and we put some distance between ourselves and Clare, as they went off askew and came close to the far bank.  This came in handy as we caught a crab at the outflow.  It was recovered quickly and Clare only got to about a length.  Meanwhile, ahead of us Peterhouse had taken advantage to move out from 1 length to about 3, hot on the heels of Christ's.  We quickly got back to 1 length off with a solid rate 37 rhythm and moved to half around First Post corner.  Meanwhile they had overlap on Christ's.  Our second stroke of luck took out their bow pair just in time, and they crashed into the bank allowing us to bump, and the rest of the division to get jammed up in the Gut.
Normally 'carnage' is reserved for lower divisions, so it was nice to be involved in some for a change.
This was always going to be an interesting race with speed differences between all the crews ahead and a strong headwind. A good first few strokes were followed by a few not so good strokes, including a fairly large overhead crab from a certain member of the crew... However this was very well recovered at race pace, and before long we were closing the gap on Peterhouse again. Luck was on our side today as Clare behind were unable to capitalise after a steering issue off the start costing them some speed. M1 hit a strong rhythm down first post reach, but a row over looked to be on the cards as Peterhouse had closed to a canvas on Christs in front. Again the dice fell in our favour, as going through first post corner Peterhouse caught a boatstopper and their boat proceeded to stop. Christs happily rowed away, and M1 happily took their second bump of the week! Tomorrow looks to be another great opportunity to move up the charts, but hopefully in a less eventful manner than today! (P. Robinson)
Despite a bit of trouble when marshalling on station (distance between the boat and bank meant that many items of clothing ended up in the water...) M1 were as focused as, if not more than, yesterday. 

An unfortunate crab just after the start sequence saw Clare gain a whistle on us and Peterhouse move three lengths ahead. However, M1 were not phased by this unexpected situation and stuck to the plan. They soon gained a whistle on Peterhouse and the bump seemed inevitable. A slightly sticky situation in the Peterhouse boat (overhead crab at 2 and bow coming off his seat), combined with Maelle-Marie's awesome corner around First Post saw the bump come much earlier than expected. This chaos caused a re-row of the division behind us, but the men didn't care. Awesome bump guys! Same again behind Christ's tomorrow please!
(M.E. Crane)
Bumped Christ's
M1 came into Friday with confidence and momentum from the 2 prior days of racing. Christs M1 looked to be rowing very cleanly, but we knew we had the speed advantage from Thursdays 'interesting' race. A good solid start saw M1 move to within a length very quickly, and they continued to close the gap along first post reach to gain overlap by the first corner. Christs attempted to respond, but M1 did not slow up, getting the bump coming into the gut. Tomorrow will be the true challenge of the week, starting behind a strong Robinson crew, and a chance to get blades! (P. Robinson)
We knew we could turn over Christ's pretty easily - they actually put up more of a fight than I expected but the result was pretty inevitable.  Tomorrow should be more challenging - we should be prepared for a bit of pain and iron out some of the sloppy bladework that's preventing us from moving really fast (Jedge)
Rowed over
The row up was very good - there was a definite energy and intent behind the practice start and the paddling had a very nice flow.  We knew this would have to be our best row of the week and that we wouldn't be able to bump quickly like the first three days.
The start was the best we've done and we started to move steadily on Robinson getting to around a length off.  Meanwhile they were really going for Jesus - we were not anticipating this based on their rowing over on Thursday and Friday.  The rhythm was good around the corners - bladework somewhat unpolished but the boat was moving well nevertheless.  Onto Plough Reach we had planned a push - it didn't execute quite as well as we would have liked - a combination of not having practiced it much and not being quite as fit as we could be.  I think we got to just over half a length off, however we pushed Robinson even more onto Jesus.  The Jesus resistance folded once they were on the Reach and Robinson caught them, having had a lot of overlap for a while.  Since it was the last day and we had nothing to worry about behind we chased Pembroke for the overbump -  I'm told we did move up to maybe 3 or 4 lengths off them, but it was never really on and by this point the crew was pretty gassed.  On the positive side I can now write a longer race report.
So we end the week up 3, my best ever bumps campaign!  It's disappointing not to get blades but we were still pretty buoyant back at the boathouse since we knew it wasn't in our control.  We later found out that Robinson had a sub from CUBC which may explain how they were able to catch Jesus where they couldn't before.
I'm very happy with how we've improved this term and indeed over the week - it's been great to see the new members enjoying bumps and hopefully our success will inspire them even further.  Several things have me very excited about what we can achieve next term and even next year.
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2nd men's VIII

Bumped by St. Edmund's
We seemed to generally keep pace with St. Edmund’s (for the most part), but didn’t quite turn it up enough on the pushes, and occasional mistakes meant we dropped back slightly. We pulled away on the corners and almost made it away from them on Ditton, but our stern was caught by the St. Edmund’s bow’s blade’s tip, after many strokes with significant overlap. (K. Ergene)
Bumped by Darwin
I arrived to find M2 huddled together like penguins trying to stay warm in the driving rain and icy winds of Storm Freya. Not the most pleasant day for racing it must be said. Misha even had to give me his glasses because even with them he couldn't see. 

Despite the conditions M2 rowed very well. They held station on Eddies for around two minutes, with Kerem taking some wonderful corners. As Darwin approached, M2 maintained their form and still looked slick. Unfortunately legs seemed to be tired and Darwin bumped us on the Plough. An unfortunate result despite an impressive row. Same again tomorrow boys - but with more legs!
(M.E. Crane)
The heavy rain had a telling effect on the boat, with the speakers becoming muffled before the race had started. The start was suboptimal; a very taught chain led to the boat swinging out slightly to stroke side and a couple of missed strokes from stroke side exacerbated this. The start was fast, and we initially moved on St. Edmund’s, but Darwin then turned up the heat and caught us following the exit of Grassy. (K. Ergene)
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3rd men's VIII

Bumped by Magdalene II

The crew had a clean technical start. The boat was mostly sat, with a great rhythmic push at the beginning (especially with the "draw" calls. We were getting very close to Catz M2 and would have probably caught up to them had Magdalene M2 been slower. The team had a very nice response to my calls, especially for the squeezing and the sitting up round the corners. Even though we got bumped, we still maintained M3 headship in the end!

(Ilsu Erdem Ari)
Bumped by Trinity Hall II
We put up a solid fight in rather windy conditions. History will forever wonder how much of our mettle was down to the sobering effect of Kerem's firm and remorseless countdown as we sat under the bridge waiting for our ears to get destroyed. We held off Trinity Hall very well halfway or more to Ditton Corner, with Clare gaining on them in turn. With a front seat view to all this predator-prey drama on the watery prairie my only thought was for us to push as hard as we can until Trinity Hall get taken down. Sadly Clare let up the pressure or messed up their line coming through Grassy, while Trinity Hall made a push we couldn't quite match coming up to Ditton Corner. Generally great response from the whole crew to push calls from Ilsu. Looking forward to going after Trinity Hall on Friday. (Mihkel)
M3 quickly gained a length on Trinity Hall II but, on the corners, they unfortunately succumbed to a loss of power and timing, resulting in them being bumped approaching Ditton. The bump-back on Friday is definitely achievable! (K. Ergene)

An even better start than the one on the first day, with more concentration and less excitement. Much more focussed and constant pushes. Great responsive crew, especially round the first corner. The “sit up” call was very effective and the crew managed to keep the boat fairly sat, despite the strong wind and agitated water. We managed to row faster than Trinity Hall in the first part of the race. However, we got bumped, mainly due to the strong wind and to a loss of power just before the second corner. Had we been chasing Trinity Hall, we would have certainly bumped them. In any case, the crew managed to have a strong start and maintain it strong up against a very powerful wind. 

(Ilsu Erdem Ari)
Bumped by Clare Hall
With an even more technical and powerful start than the previous two days, this race ended in despair as even Clare Hall were found to be better than us. (In complete denial of the existence of Clare Hall, I personally think it's unfair that Clare gets two boat clubs. Having two boat clubs is surely a mark of shame on any college.) The race plan was simple: do exactly the same as on Wednesday. The fools! Although we did achieve exactly the same as on Wednesday, we now knew the impossibility of a 2.6km row-over with such an unfit crew. Despite an incredible start, gaining somewhat on Tit Hall, looking for the revenge bump, we did not give it our all and Tit Hall soon gained some distance as we tired. Meanwhile, we were let down by Fitz who decided not to continue their blades-wards trajectory with some frankly abysmal rowing after an initial gain on Clare Hall on the start. As we tired, we could see Clare Hall gain on us. To the not at all deafening cheers of the largely apathetic audience (I assume there is no minimum number of people to constitute an audience), Clare Hall rowed further and for longer than they would have hoped before bumping us.
(Luke Barratt)
Rowed over
The plan was to fly off the start and bump back Clare Hall M1, or die trying. Tremendous work from the whole crew as the whistles were sounding by First Post and we almost got them. We couldn't muster a powerful enough push for the bump and let them draw away, but had put so much clear water between ourselves and the pursuing Fitz M2 that they in turn fell prey to Churchill without ever threatening us. We rowed over towards the siren song of BCD and retained M3 headship. (Mihkel)
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2nd women's VIII

Overbumped by Queens' II
W2 put in a super strong effort today (almost all of the crew's first ever Bumps race!). They held off Jesus W3 in a VERY tense sandwich situation (Jesus had overlap for a good few seconds before being bumped by Downing W2). Ellie (the amazing cox) said she was considering conceding, but then she saw the determination and grit of the wonderful crew and was like HELL NO. She called a power 10 (although the crew didn't hear this as the cox box died...) and FaT escaped! Unfortunately a very fast Queens W2 managed to catch FaT just after Ditton. The crew is determined to put up more of a fight tomorrow (hopefully aided by a cox box)! Much love girls, I'm very proud xxx (M.E. Crane)
Bumped Jesus III
A rather unusual race, as races go. First, with the cannons locked inside someone’s house and the owner locked outside of the house, an alternative system had to be implemented. A representative from every crew simultaneously set up a stopwatch, and the bank parties called the cannons themselves.

Unfortunately, the race was very short-lived. Fifty metres in, they rowed past Jesus’ station, who were unable to race after issues with their cox box. Praise should go to Ellie, who paid attention in the Coxes’ Meeting, didn’t row into a stationary crew, and pulled in quickly to claim the bump. (K. Ergene)
A nice and easy day for W2. Due to Jesus W3 having a broken cox box, all the crew had to do was do a (wonderful I must say) start and then pull in behind Jesus for the Bump! YES GIRLS :D Bring on Friday! (M.E. Crane)
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Whilst every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the following information, note that the results are unofficial.

Men's bumps charts

Men's bumps chart, Lent Bumps 2019

Women's bumps charts

Women's bumps chart, Lent Bumps 2019

Michell Cup points

Trinity Hall39.00
Hughes Hall27.00
St. Edmund's8.00
St. Catharine's-4.80
1st and 3rd-20.40

Ineligible after entering fewer than 3 crews:

Sidney Sussex30.00
Clare Hall12.00
Lucy Cavendish-48.00
Murray Edwards-48.00

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