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Women's Head of the River Race, LentĀ Term 2018

1st women's VIII (Intermediate 3 VIIIs)

Coxed by: Kerem Ergene
Coached by: Jacqui Round

Time: 23:03.9


we had seven

who had never

been on

the Tideway.

My lines

were probably

even worse

than these ones.

Next year

we'll have more


and speed;

next year

we'll place



almost went

to hospital

but still pushed.

Do the men


think girls

don't have grit?

(K. Ergene)
This was never going to be an easy race with a comparatively inexperienced crew, and yet we came through strong and gave it everything we had. Longer and harder than anything we had done as a crew before we continued on overtaking 2 crews. Overall an incredible experience (yet a little painful if I may say so myself), and a day I will never forget. (B.C. Ladd)

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