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The Club's Results

Lent Term 2018

1st women's VIII

Cambridge Head-2-Head (1st division)

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Bedford Head (Women's Eights (Band 1))

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Bedford Head (Women's Eights (Band 2)), 1st Women's VIII

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Pembroke Regatta (1st division)

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Lent Bumps

Technical row over
The M1, W1 and M3 divisions were cancelled today due to snow and ice on the towpath. (Chris E.)
Technical row over
All racing was cancelled today due to snow and ice on the towpath. (Chris E.)
Overbumped by Emmanuel

This wasn't the start we wanted.

We never thought this would happen.

We knew Emma were quick;

We had that proved to us today.

Emma were more experienced than us.

Emma were quicker than us.

And that showed.

We were unlucky,

But there is much to be learned from today.

We've kept our heads high;

Let's break Christs tomorrow

And improve our Bumps records.

(K. Ergene)
Bumped Christ's

Maggie, behind us,

Had said they were confident.

We bumped on First Post.

This start was our best.

Rate high, and the girls moved boat.

Wow. My first whistle.

Christs moved on Medwards

But we moved faster than them.

We bumped on First Post.

Maggie were three lengths

Away when we hit Christs bow.

They thought they were fast?

(K. Ergene)
With only one goal and nothing to lose we set off strong giving everything we had from the cannon. After every push we continued to gain on Christ's the sound of the whistle music to our ears. Stroke after stroke we committed to the lifts gritting our teeth through the pain. Our reward came with a jerk in the boat as we finished our race within 500m. It may not have been the bumps campaign we were hoping for, but I'm glad to say it definitely finished on a high. (B.C. Ladd)
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Women's Head of the River Race (Intermediate 3 VIIIs)

Time: 23:03.9


we had seven

who had never

been on

the Tideway.

My lines

were probably

even worse

than these ones.

Next year

we'll have more


and speed;

next year

we'll place



almost went

to hospital

but still pushed.

Do the men


think girls

don't have grit?

(K. Ergene)
This was never going to be an easy race with a comparatively inexperienced crew, and yet we came through strong and gave it everything we had. Longer and harder than anything we had done as a crew before we continued on overtaking 2 crews. Overall an incredible experience (yet a little painful if I may say so myself), and a day I will never forget. (B.C. Ladd)
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