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Cambridge Head-2-Head, May Term 2010

2nd men's VIII (Men's 1st Mays)

Coxed by: Emma Smith

10th overall
Time: 13:32
Setting out for what was our second outing ever as a full crew, we were eager to see what we could do relative to the boats around us in Bumps.

Before boating, we had agreed upon a seriously aggressive first leg without holding back on the rate - something that I at first thought was a little risky given our lack of practice, but it turned out to work just fine.

The first leg we agreed was "satisfactory" - we went out there and got down the course with plenty of aggression and not too much spacking. However, it still fell short of what we wanted to achieve - although everyone's attitude and approach was spot on, we let ourselves down round the corners by letting the boat roll around too much under us and not responding quickly enough.

The second leg was much better. Although we had less in the tank and had the stream to deal with, we made good use of the tailwind and kept it reasonably neat. This, together with spectacular lines from Emma (particularly round first post) ensured we kept the crew behind at bay until we got to the long reach, where a big wind for the line saw us pull away.

A promising start to the term, beating both Robinson and Churchill M1s. However, still lots of work to be done, with which we will hopefully find plenty more speed, and with any luck provide stronger competition for Emma and Fitz come Week 8. (Gonzo)

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