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Lowe Double Sculls, May Term 2010

Bauer/Robson (Women's 2x)

Double sculls
Ulrike Bauer Julia Robson
Semi finals
Lost by 10s
Time: 9:04
The race was run as a timed head race with a rolling start as only 3 out of 4 entered crews turned up and everybody agreed that this was the most sensible procedure. All 3 crews finished within 10s, with the Eddie's double winning and the Fitz double beating us by just 1s. Definitely annoying to loose so closely, but on the positive side a respectable result given our quite limited amount of outings together, and my lack of steering experience.

I believe we kept it at a solid rate 30-32 through most of the race, winding it up to 36 for the last 250m into the finish. I had good lines around First Post and Grassy and definitely a suboptimal line around Ditton. That, together with a mini-crab from Julia on Plough Reach at a point where we just started to move REALLY nicely definitely cost us the second place, and possible even the win. Nevertheless, we definitely hit some nice rhythm out of Grassy and down the Long Reach, so overall a positive resumée. (Ulrike)

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