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May Bumps 2009

5th men's VIII

Coxed by: Emma Smith

Overbumped Churchill III
It really doesn't get much better than this boys... (Jij)
Congratulations folks, enjoy the moment. (Tsunami)
Brilliant! From what I hear some incredibly skilful steering through carnage combined with a crew that was prepared to row as hard as possible whatever the circumstances, bump ahead or no bump ahead, added up to one incredible race. Well done guys. After the disappointments of the opening days of M4 in Lents, you really deserve this. (Tom L)
And I bet you thought clawing back that win in the nines regatta was as good as it got. Congrats, really well done. (DM)
Amazing row! Coming into first post corner Anglia Ruskin II had just bumped Christ IV, but for some reason the crews had been unable to clear the river. Ie. complete chaos in the corner! In an epic coxing manoeuvre Emma S. managed to get us around the carnage, while most crews behind us did not manage to get around the mess on the river.

Hence we were without a boat chasing us coming into Grassy, and we slowly realised we had to go for the overbump! Coming into the reach Churchill was up by 4-5 lengths, and during the Reach we took out a couple of lengths on them. Under the railway bridge we initiated our push ( that saved us in the Nines regatta), and at the same time Churchill caught a crab.

Just before Peter's post the whistle sounded and within 10-20 strokes, and a massive last push, the overbump was a reality!

Thanks for amazing cox work and bank partying! (Niels)
Bumped by Anglia Ruskin II
We knew today would be a short race. Either we would bump Sidney II or Anglia Ruskin II would move in on us. As expected Ruskin gained length on us in the beginning of the race, but around first post corner we got a whistle on Sidney. At the same point we called a stride, but the rate did not come down much and we still rated in high thirties. After Grassy we managed to get overlap with Sidney, but unfortunately Ruskin bumped us before we could finish the bump on Sidney. Very disappointing result. (Niels)
Rowed over
Apparently you weren't intimidated by the opposition's t-shirts! (Charles)
As expected Anglia Ruskin II quickly bumped Sidney II, and left us with clear water all the way to the finish.

Today we actually strided and brought the rate down to where we could row efficiently. This also helped us getting a better line around Grassy than yesterday.

We held Christ IV on station until the beginning of the Reach where I reckon we started to pull away from them. A nice tight line around the railway bridge also helped us push them away.

All in all a good and efficient row over. Keen for tomorrow where we get another chance of bumping Sidney II! (Niels)
Our rowover was good fun.
Christ's IV were chasing us rather unsuccessfully and we weren't in excessive pain, and seeing as we had no boats in front of us we saw no reason to change this state of affairs.
I had time to smile at spectators and chuckle.
There was no way we were going to go down to people with such slogans as 'gunshow' and 'enormous' written on their backs.
Though to be fair they were pretty massive.
Oh, and we rowed nicely. We'll destroy sidney m2 tomorrow if we row like that again, unless alex wood is battered again. (Alex)

1. Past the bumped boat
2. Catches
3. Going for the overbump

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