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May Bumps 2009

2nd men's VIII

Coxed by: Hans Liu

Rowed over
After an outing last week where we did a slow piece, then did it again and rowed better, we'd been talking about there being no second chance in bumps. A combination of Downing, Catz and Christs meant we did today.

Impressively good discipline from everyone who wasn't me meant only stern pair realised that Christ's had stopped because their 2 man had caught a spectacular ejector crab. Magdalene probably couldn't have done much about not hitting him, as they were only about a length behind at the time, but the fact Robinson rowed round them and still hit him seems pretty clueless. Anyway, we soon discovered that carnage in the gut had stopped the whole division, spun delicately with some assistance from Robinson(? or someone else? What where they doing there?) and rowed back for a second attempt.
We demonstrated again that we're not very distracted by the crew behind us; the first 300m, this time with 6.5 lengths back to Robinson, were a carbon copy of the previous attempt. After that, we battered our way down the course, apparently never making much impression on Fitz. After they bumped, we took it down to a meandering sort of 30, and made our way down the Reach.
Tomorrow is going to be fun! (Peter)
Did rowing in the Great Eight make you any faster? (BJ)
Rowed over
I'm so proud of you for rowing over!! You're incredibly high up and you're holding your own. Do it again Saturday! I'll lose my voice screaming on the bank, and if you need a few more inches of space I'm ready and waiting to scream "Avoid the ducklings!!!" at the following crew. (Julia A.)

1. The final crew of th...
2. Battle royal down th...
3. Christs in hot pursuit

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