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Cambridge Head-2-Head, Lent Term 2009

1st women's VIII (4th division)

Coxed by: Mark McKelvie

2nd W1 college VIII
Time: 15:57
An amazing result girls!! (Sonya)
A good row, not brilliant, but definitely committed from start to finish.

We had a good 1st leg, with a massive push off Ditton really lifting the boat into a new gear. A slight wobble on Grassy was quickly rectified, followed by a slightly poor line by me on First Post and a slight wobble with our final push for the finish.

The 2nd leg was also good, closing on Pembroke constantly off the start. We started to move wide to overtake coming out of Ditton and closed to the point of overlap when we then wobbled and Pembroke stopped our gain. An all-out push from the kink brought us just 1 second behind Pembroke at the finish.

Still a long way to go, but a very surprising and a throughly deserved result for our first race of the term! (Mark)
A fantastic start to term! We still have a lot of work to do before bumps but the potential is there, so let's keep up the hard work!

The race had a few wobbles but we got it back together quickly and there was definite commitment from *everyone* in the boat.


(Thanks to Derek for taking the photos) (Liz)
Would have loved to see you row!
Just keep this spirit up and carry on training hard, and there'll be no way anyone snatches the headship from you guys!!! (Ulrike)

1. Pushing for the finish
2. Overlap
3. Closing the gap

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