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Cambridge Head-2-Head, Lent Term 2009

1st men's trial VIII (1st division)

Coxed by: Sonya Milanova

Time: 13:14
A reasonable row. We jumped into our scratch crew (having redesginated the crew order in the morning), wound high and settled to something sensible. Sensible for the race distance, but a bit of a shock to the system, as the first high rate of the season always is. Corners were relatively clean, with even our new bowsider Hannes at 3 getting his catches in most of the time. At this point I was discovering the substantial personal disadvantage to the crew reshuffle; instead of being 3 seats behind Hannes' splashing, I was directly in the line of fire. Arriving at the road bridge quite wet, I put lots of kit on and we got out for the traditional bag of Haribo. The row back was still good in parts, but with some distinctly sketchy moments. Towards the end of the piece, as our succession of "up 2"s hit home, I was becoming seriously concerned as to whether I was going to retain control over the blade, as I could no longer feel my hands, and it took 4 tops and 10 minutes until they were properly back in contact, and another half an hour in the boathouse to warm up. It seems I must remember never to underestimate again either the amount of splashing possible, or the effect it can have in cold conditions... (Peter)
Potential Success. 33 days to go to Lents. 56 days to HORR. (Thomas)
My first even won race. Thanks for the ride boys :)
But seriously, I thought this was a good commited row with its ups and downs (my personal favourite was that push on the 1st leg in the Plough) All in all, well done for a scratch crew and the first high rate piece of term. There is a lot of potential to go quite faster in the future. (Sonya)
The course was exactly bridge to bridge, which I think is 50-100 yards shorter than last year. We didn't really attack it, the aim was to set up a platform where everyone could show the coaches how good they are at race pace.

There's a long list of injuries sustained in other sports that don't affect rowing. Bruised ribs is not on the list and I don't recommend it in any way. (Tom C)

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