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Head of the Trent, Lent Term 2009

1st men's VIII (S3 8+)

Coxed by: Emma Salgård Cunha

Won S3, 3rd overall
Time: 15:51.5
We set a time close to CUBC's from last year. I like to think this was because the rowing was awesome. The massive stream may also have played a role though. We overtook a robs crew and a trafford crew about halfway through the race. Took a little longer than we liked to come past. The wind to the finish was also lacking, mostly due to confusion about the position of the finish, which we had never seen before. A fun race though and good practice for HORR, with the concrete banks generating some rather large waves at times. (Thomas)
Solid performance. We hadn't rowed for a week due to the Cam being flooded, yet found into a good rhythm in the warm-up. Settled onto a comfortable 34 during the race, awesome rhythm from the stern pair two stroke engine Fletch and Phil.
We are still a way off the pace looking at our aims for HoRR, and we will need to find more speed, consistency and rhythm if we really want to do well this year.
Pleasing result overall, although it is important to keep the perspective. Agecroft dicked all over us by being 40s faster over the course. CUBC in turn would have dicked on Agecroft. (Flo)

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