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Fairbairn Cup 2008

2nd men's VIII (Senior VIIIs)

Coxed by: Sonya Milanova
Coached by: Gonzalo Garcia, Tom Rose,

3rd second VIII
Time: 16:06.28
This was a good committed row to finish off our brief spell together as a crew. It was a bit scrappy at times but there was no doubting the effort, particularly from Ming who almost died at the end.

All in all, 3rd 2nd VIII isn't a terrible result after 2 weeks of training. Bring on more banter next term! (Charles)
Not bad, not bad at all, considering this crew had only two weeks to train and contained two novices at rowing. Very well done to Maggie II, they stormed the category but M2 should be confident for next term's racing as a less hastily fashioned FaT crew could dominate once again.

The row was a bit panicked at times, awesome at others, and just a bit random at others. But we all got really committed- even after a long nap I'm still feeling the pain- and we put as much pressure down as we possibly could.

I'm really really happy I got the chance to row with this crew, for me and Ming to transition to senior rowers here properly was just about the best way it could have been done: banterous, with massive weights and incredible tunes!

A big thankyou all the other crew members and the coaches who made it possible. (Jij)
Marcus Aurelius had a dream that was winning. This was not it. I'd forgotten how much it hurts to lose a race. Forget the fact that, until two weeks ago, I'd never rowed before - it still hurts.

Still, there are a lot of positives to be taken from this race. As Charles says, this was a committed row and, despite the high intensity of work, the quality of the rowing was at least of the standard which we had trained at over the past few weeks.

In the middle of the race I was a bit upset by the fact that I couldn't put down as much power as I would have liked to because my forearms hurt so much. In the end, this was probably for the best as going any harder in the middle probably would have resulted in blowing up somewhere around grassy. Clearly more forearm guns are required in addition to technical pairs work.

Another positive was that losing reminded me of this video, which is definitely applicable under these circumstances:

Congratulations to the LMBC M2 crew who defeated us today. But we'll be back in black next term to set the record straight.

Note: Marcus Aurelius had a dream that was banter. This was some way towards realising that dream. (M-C. Chung)

1. M2
2. M2

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