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Fairbairn Cup 2008

1st men's VIII (Senior VIIIs)

Coxed by: Emma Salgård Cunha

Time: 14:10.34
After rumours flying around all day it is nice that someone beat the oxford scum. (Thomas)
Very enjoyable row, very good performance. The aims of this term were to put down the solid ground work to build on in Lents and Mays. We focussed on developing long, powerful strokes after lots of bungee work. Just wait and see how fast we go once we start doing some speedwork...

Great thanks to Tom Rose and JPD who have done an awesome job coaching the men this term! (Flo)
I started training less than 3 weeks before the race, having done almost no rowing since Henley. Tendonitis set in after a few days, but luckily I was able to carry on with some technique modification (ie feathering with the outside hand) and lots of deep freeze gel. Even so, this wasn't anything like enough time to regain a sensible level of fitness, and I think the deficit accounts for the loss to CULRC 2.

Race preparation was minimal. We rowed a total of 3 minutes at race pace in training, half of which was the beginning of the Wallingford Head, before over-geared hell broke loose. I wasn't convinced that we could win the race at 32; it probably hasn't been done before. But this crew had more power and weight than finesse, so it worked a treat. It was a really good performance on the day, the crew definitely rowed to its potential.

The best thing is that there's a long way to go, improvement is much easier to find than it was last year. (Tom C)

1. FaT M1 racing off
2. FaT M1 ready to start
3. Tom with his three y...

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