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Cambridge Head-2-Head, May Term 2008

3rd men's VIII (3rd division)

Coxed by: Sonya Milanova

17th college VIII, 2nd fastest 3rd VIII
Time: 15:08
Ok so a last minute crew changes involving the strokeman probably didn't help. We tried rate 30 on the first run but kept letting it slip to 28. A wind to the finish produced a massive change in boat speed, which shows either technique or power was definitely lacking during the middle third, my bet is on a bit of both. As Florian pointed out we were losing a lot of length at the catch.

The second half was better. When the catches went in together we really moved some boat and it felt a lot more stable and relaxed. Unfortunately this only happend about 3 times for 10 strokes at a time. Especially on the reach with Maggie 3 bearing down on us having caught up about 3 to 4 lengths there were some very good patches where we moved away from them and some very bad patches where they were gaining massively.

So we know we can go fast. We just have some technique issues to tweak and then put some power down together.

Weather was awesome, I do however have a headache from the sun despite having had 4l of water to drink today.

Overall not a bad result, 4s faster would have gotten us pots though. We were 16s slower than Churchill 2 (4 ahead in Bumps) and 38s slower than Christs 2 (4 behind in Bumps). None of the other boats around us entered. (S.C. Mertes)
A good row. I am pleased with the improvement we are making and it was visible in the race today as well. The way up was lacking length but we did work on this on the way back and I was very proud of you guys for those pushes on the reach that kept LMBC off.
We have still a lot of work ahead of us but today's race showed us that we have potential to be damn fast if keep the focus all the way through.

PS. Thanks Sarah and Florian for bankpartying and their advice!!! (Sonya)

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