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May Bumps 2008

2nd women's VIII

Coxed by: Mark McKelvie
Coached by: Jenny Lee

Bumped by Trinity Hall II
Unfortunately this race went terribly wrong.

An excellent start had us flying towards First Post corner only to meet bumped out Clare II and Jesus III sitting across the river. Various hard pulls on the strings along with alternating hand-brake cornering resulted in us holding it up to prevent a strokeside blade impaling the Jesus cox.
We were told to keep going despite this, but we never recovered, rowing in sixes due to a strokeside crab from hitting the Jesus boat. We held off Tit Hall II for a great amount of time considering this.

We contested the result but we were thoroughly disappointed by the final decision.

Bring on tomorrow.

Mark + crew (Mark)
Rowed over
A very strong start under the bridge, picking up the boat speed very quickly. We closed the gap between us and Tit Hall II, but a slow Jesus III was caught by them just coming out of the Gut. We had to hold it up, paddle around the two crews and pick it up again, rowing onto the finish.

We proved today that we were quicker than Tit Hall with a really good row, but the nature of Bumps means that we were once again denied a deserved bump.

Mark + crew (Mark)
You girls must be one of the unluckiest crews on the river. Go nail Jesus III tomorrow! (DM)
Bumped by Hughes Hall
The Hughes Hall/Lucy Cav composite were steadily gaining on us as we steadily gained on Jesus III. All boats looked like they took First Post well as we powered into the Gut.
We didn't quite have the power to finish off Jesus in the Gut, always staying close behind and that was followed up by a massive push from Hughes, bumping us with only a few feet between us and Jesus on Grassy. (Mark)
Bumped by Magdalene II
If there is one thing I have learned from Bumps it is that you should never make assumptions - no matter how feasible they sound.
For each race we assumed something likely to happen would happen, and then we planned around it.

For this race it was that St. Eddies would continue their fine bumping work (having bumped, double overbumped, and bumped again earlier in the week) and bump Magdalene early on, giving us the chance to give Tit Hall one last good run for their money up the Reach.
Credit to Magdalene, who we underestimated, as they had overlap on us in the Gut, steering for but missing our stern on several occasions, before emerging as a three boat sandwich at the Plough with Eddies very close behind.
Having said that, I'm sure it was exciting for the crowds seeing that bump happen along with Eddies ploughing into Magdalene's stern.

As side note, it has been a great pleasure coxing W2 again - despite the outcome it really has been great fun and we have rowed very well together over the weeks. Many many thanks to Jenny without whom this would have been possible! (Mark)

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