The Club's Results

Foster Fairbairn Pairs, May Term 2008

The Comedy Pair (Men's 2-)

Coxless pairs
in Hambleden
bow Tom Andrews str Albert Cheung
Quarter finals
Lost to a tree stump by a blade width
Time: 8:35
My cunning plan of staying on the far side of first post reach to nail the racing line and avoid the outflow backfired. Someone put a tree stump in the way. We crabbed. On the plus side, we didn't fall in... We got going again, then my footplate fell apart. Nothing like the ominous noise of nuts rolling about in the shell.

Unfortunately the Christs' pair didn't feel like completing the comedy quartet and spanked us all over the place. (Tom)
Positives to take away from this race:
1. Stroke's rigger didn't fall apart.
2. We didn't fall in.
3. We don't need to change our crew name.

It took us an eternity to extract ourselves from the bank after our tree-induced boat-stopper, but after that the rowing was actually reasonably un-comic.

A rudder, however, would have been nice.

1. I think we could have had them. (Albert)

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