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Lent Bumps 2008

4th men's VIII

Coxed by: Sarah Stoneman

Bumped Peterhouse II
We started strongly and gained on them steadily, with overlap after first post corner. However, deciding to give the spectators something to watch, we crabbed (twice) and crashed into the bank to give them a 3 length lead.

As we came on to the reach we were back on station, and we got the bump just before the railway bridge. (Alasdair)
A pretty solid start, managed to gain on them pretty quickly. I could see their stern before the first corner. And then...



Well, 'stuff happened', and we were three lengths down and Magdelene were gaining on us... dear me... We recovered into the reach and gave a hard push. We took them at the railway bridge. A good solid row, and it took guts to come back after all the drama. Good job guys, more of the same tomorrow!!! (Jeffrey)
Bloody hell that was a bit dramatic. A solid start allowed the crew to move up steadily. By the gun shed they were about 3/4 of a length off, Peterhouse wound it down to get through some carnage. As a result the guys suddenly found themselves with overlap, but then a crab and subsequent collision with the bank left them about 3 lengths down. To be fair, I'm not sure whether the bump would actually have been awarded as Peterhouse had had to wind it down.

The guys got it back together, rowed OK to Ditton and then really pulled together on the Reach. On station at the Railings and then suddenly taking about a foot a stroke to make the bump at the Railway Bridge. Gutsy stuff all round, but let's aim for a little less excitement tomorrow. (Phil)
Most committed bump I saw today. After the confusion on First Post Reach you didn't give up and came from about 2.5 lengths down at one point to close it up along the Reach with some excellent pushes to finally make the bump. Just about everything that could go wrong did, so like Phil said a little less excitement tomorrow but same result please! Best of luck for the rest of the week. (Charley)
Rowed over
Clare II bumped Caius III before the motorway bridge, and St Edmunds ahead and Magdalene II behind quickly followed suit, leaving us an empty river.

Apparently we were almost on station with Clare II when they bumped Caius III, so we're hopeful for Friday.

Unfortunately this means we've broken the perfect record the club had going, sorry guys. (Alasdair)
Bumped Caius III
A fairly messy row, bumping a little after the motorway bridge as expected. Hopefully we'll be more controlled against the considerably faster Clare II tomorrow.

There's really not much to say about this race other than thank god the boat-stopping crab happened after we'd bumped. (Alasdair)
Rowed over
Painful, painful row-over; ended a few lengths down after pushing as hard as we could through the whole course. With the amount of training we did over the past three weeks we couldn't have expected much better, but still a disappointing result. (Alasdair)
Yeah Alasdair, shame on you guys for only going up 2. Worst performing FAT crew on the river, just shameful.... ;-)).

Seriously guys, you had some awesome races this week, you bumped a 2nd and a 3rd crew even if the Peterhouse race was "interesting" to say the least, you contributed to a Caius crew spooning, you are a whole division above the next 4th VIII and still went up, there are only 3 3rd crews above you (including our own M3).

You did really well, however I reckon you will still get bumpered at the dinner. (S.C. Mertes)
It shows something about a club when the worst performing crew is slightly disappointed with up 2...

This race was possibly a bit too comfortable off the start, with everyone knowing that you were probably settling in for a longer race. Clare meanwhile went hell for leather getting inside station on maggie. Maggie eventually clawed in fitz leaving clare up on you by about 3 lengths. From this position they were rowing neatly and comfortably to hold you. (Thomas)

1. Tidy rowing
2. Some more catches go...
3. Past the crowds at t...

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