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Cambridge Winter Head, Mich Term 2007

Men's IV+ 'A' (Student Senior IVs)

Coxed by: Emma Salgård Cunha

2nd in Student Senior IVs
Time: 9:34
Was always going to be a hard race: mentally we knew we were 5secs off the average 2k of the other four. In the pieces on the way down we were struggling for length and time, and I was having my doubts.

We decided on a very relaxed start to concentrate on initiating a rhythm. This worked well, but only got us to rate 30. We took it up in the gut (mainly to avoid being overtaken by the other four) and our rowing jumped from 'knackered' to 'okay'.

We had a good push down plough reach, helped by a Clare IV+ apparently pulled in and cheering us on, and a fairly reasonable Ditton corner.

We were about to take it up but unfortunately the training plan called for technical pairs work. This is what really cost us.

I don't understand why I find this so funny. (Dan)
Comparing this result with the Fours Head, it seems I lost my seat race with Pedro quite comfortably. (BJ)

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