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Head of the River IVs, Mich Term 2007

2nd men's IV (S3+ (A))

Coxed by: Emma Salgård Cunha

205th - 15th of 36 in S3(A)
Time: 21:35.94
Not all doom and gloom, just partial doom and gloom.

Although we rated on target and kept the pushes coming we never really got it together. Horrendous balance in the first few minutes of the race made it difficult to find the rhythm we were looking for. Still, we overtook four or five crews (one of which had crashed into a buoy, despite being a bowloaded four...) and were never overtaken ourselves. There were some nice patches when the backs came through together but overall it was a hard slog. As Bryn says above, i think we learned from the race and hopefully we can take what we gained back with us as we return to the comfort zone of on-Cam racing. (Emma)

1. Under Hammersmith
2. Under Hammersmith
3. Racing past marshall...

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