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Fairbairn Cup - IVs 2007

1st women's IV (Senior IVs)

Coxed by: Natasha Menell
Coached by: Jonathan Glass, I. Law, Peter Summers, Neil Talbott,

Time: 13:11
Best row of term. Two seconds is nothing, how can it be the difference between winning and losing? (Harriet)
That was a great row girls! After the morning race, we were all tired but the sharp focus and motivation kept us going hard and powerful until the end. Emma's win was less than 2 seconds, so I agree with Harriet that it is so unfair to have it be a difference between a win and a loss. But despite the final ranking, we rowed really well and we should be proud of ourselves. Good job! (Julijana)
Best row of term by far, definitely finishing on a high! Long, relaxed and powerful with everything coming together in a way it never quite has before, with the push for the finish incredibly painful but pretty awesome. Think the dizziness, nausea and cramp on the row back home shows just how much we put into this, so whilst the result is a little frustrating it really doesn't matter, especially since we were over 20 seconds faster than the next crew. And to be mentioned in Coker's Fairbairns Dinner speech really was the icing on the cake! (Charley)
Awesome result girls! (Jane)

1. 1st women's IV

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