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May Bumps 2007

5th men's VIII

Crew list for 3 races:

Coxed by: Jij Chow

Crew list for 1 race:

Coxed by: Jij Chow

Bumped by King's II
This was one of the most unfortunate races I've watched.

You guys were eating up Disney much faster than King's were gaining on you. A seat failure just before the motorway-bridge stopped you gaining and allowed Kings to get withing a canvas. Once back on the seat a push of gargantuan proportions held off kings and brought you closer to Disney, but the damage had already been done and the bump was conceded. Great rowing, more of the same tomorrow. (Lorry)
Bumped by Christ's IV
Unfortunate result. A crab off the start let Christs IV up on us and from there they never let up. Let's draw a line under it and get them back tomorrow. (Andy S.)
Miserable time continues for M5. Under pressure around Grassy and got bumped at the Plough. (Martin P)
Bumped by Clare Hall
In a spectacularly successful May Bumps for 1st and 3rd, we've cunningly managed to stand out through total failure. I'm confidently tipping all three crews that hit us so far for blades- contact with us seems to bring joy to other crews. On the plus side- wait, no, there isn't a plus side. (Charles)
Bumped by Caius IV
The faces on the results board were pretty representative of how I felt after today, but thanks to the members of the crew who stuck through it all the way! Special shout out to Adam our strokeman; entertaining chats at marshalling made it a laugh whilst we weren't being bumped. (Jij)
Training for the 5th VIII consisted of the "10" outings required before bumps, with four guys who didn't have the time (or effort :P) to commit to the 3rd VIII joining some of our lower boat squad (including one novice) to form an VIII.

The outings before bumps looked promising, with the guys holding things together nicely, and as the highest 5th VIII on the river they had some hard work to do.

On the first day, chasing Disney II, being chased by a very fast Kings II. This day was the deciding day, closing to withing half a length off Disney before disaster struck and getting bumped.

From then on they just got in the way of various fast crews all going for their blades. Had they had slightly better fortune on the first day then they may have been able to go up 2 or 3. But that's how bumps goes and they just got really unlucky. Lesson learnt. I hope you all at least had fun and that you will all continue rowing next year. (Lorry)

1. Off they go
2. M5 powering round Gr...
3. M5 at the catch

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