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Emma Sprints, Mich Term 2006

1st women's novice VIII

Coxed by: Sarah Pitt

2nd round
lost to Emma by 1 length
The umpire made the controversial decision to start the race with us half a length down, but then the opposition was Emma. We were also on the outside of the bend and, without a staggered start or finish, the result shows that we were probably about the same speed as Emma.

That said, this was still a race that we could and should have won. A bit of work this week on maintaining length at higher ratings will see a more experienced and practised crew at Clare Novices! Other than that, a tidy and committed row, with promising signs of things to come.

PS I forgot to mention the rendition of Row, row, row your boat in a round. It was awful. (BJ)
Never mind girls...we still got the doughnuts! Although I think that Julijana should give back her extra one seeing as it turns out she actually crabbed AFTER the finish line. Definately agree that there's a lot more to come at Clare Novices...although I think that might have more to do with the fact that I'm not rowing! Looking forward to some good outings this week, remember: 'if you're not dying, you're not trying'!

p.s. our rendition of 'row, row, row your boat' was awesome...FACT! Although I think that next time Sarah should sing 'just around the riverbend' right into the cox-box, such a treat for the ears! (Charley)

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