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Christmas Head, Mich Term 2006

Miscellaneous women's VIIIs (WN 8)

Coxed by: Sarah Stoneman

Equal 1st!!!!!!!
Time: 9:24
I think we can be fair and say that the row down didn't seem like the race was going to be amazing (as Sarah illustrated well by whispering 'I might just stick to 6's' on the way down). However, as we wound up to 28, where we sat comfortably, it felt a lot better and we even managed to sit it for the majority of the time. Not a bad result considering this is the first time nearly half the boat had been in a racing shell. So yea, chuffed! Tho I didn't get wine or mince pies cause of IV's racing and work... :( (Lyns)
Wow! I'm impressed with 2nd. This was the first (and probably last) time I've ever stroked a race, so I was particularly impressed at the rating staying up the whole way - I was just waiting for Sarah to say that we'd 'sagged'...then I remembered that she's a trifle more polite than Magnus ;) (Jane)
Well, I think that is amazing. Considering that my timing sucked all the way up to the Pike and Eel- I was not used to the oars or the 'much lighter than Peter Brandt' boat... and I had super big shoes that my feet kept threatening to slide out of (a lesson in folding long socks four times over heal to keep foot in shoe)... next time I'll bring more than 1 pair of socks...
However, when we were racing it seemed to come together and I felt like we had just started and Sarah was telling us we were half way... which is the best thing to hear! Then all of a sudden we were on the home straight and it was over... time for mince pies and mulled wine in the sun. Great result everyone!!! Just wish I'd stuck around to see the girls fall in the Cam :-) (Narelle)

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