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Novice Fairbairn Cup 2006

2nd women's novice VIII (2nd division)

Coxed by: Abigail Fox

33rd overall, 10th fastest 2nd VIII
Time: 13:08
A very impressive row, given the lack of previous outings in this crew (total: 1 (a race)). You guys settled into a good rhythm early on, and maintained it throughout the race even when you were getting tired. Some fantastic coxing from Abi seemed to help keep the motivation up, and the push out of the railway bridge was superb - definition of the word "surge"! (Jane)
We officially rule :) the whole race from start to finish is probably the most together we've ever been! The timing was really good, the coxing fantastic and as Jane said we flew off the Railway Bridge into the finish. I've had a look at previous FaT 2nd novice women times and I think our time is the fastest in 5 years - something to really be proud of. It's been such a laugh rowing in this team, you're all superstars and I send much penguin love to all. Full Pressure Flippers! (Kristina)
I was surprised about how well you guys were working together. Since very little work has been done in complete crews, and especially this week VIII's outings have been lacking somewhat, I didn't know how well you would cope under race presure. However, I need not have worried! Congratuations girls, a very strong result. I hope you are proud. Let's see you all next term for bumps! (Lyns)

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