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Christmas Head, Mich Term 2006

Miscellaneous women's IVs (Novice IV+)

Miscellaneous women's IVs
in Scylla
bow Rachel Croft 2 Lynsey Porter
3 Amy Hewer str Sarah Hickey

Coxed by: Sarah Stoneman

Time: 10:09
How on earth did you girls fall in? (Dan)
There was just a little bit of confusion about the ordering of 'Stroke side out' and 'Bow side blades out'... (Lyns)
I notice you've failed to mention the result...other than falling in! (Jane)
Great racing from the crew. From a novice's point of view it looked really good. One thing too mention however, Lyns you owe me one!!! (a dry pair of trousers that is ;-)). Personally I think it was all planned to get me into the boat and then topple it. And this after all the bank-partying I did for you (sob).

I think I should mention as well that I was the only rower in the boat that managed to not get completely soaked but clambered over the capsizing boat onto the bank. (Sarah had enough common sense to jump out of the boat as we parked). (S.C. Mertes)

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