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May Bumps 2006

2nd women's VIII

Coxed by: Dominic Hockley

Rowed over
wow! its a long way to the railway bridge. even though their bank party had decided to whistle continuously once they were 3/4 of a length off we didn't ever give them a chance to close on us. after all the bumps ahead of us this was realistically the best result we could have hoped for. tomorrow, lets do it in 5 strokes please. (Harriet)
Argh. Painful. However, a good gutsy row - showed Mag2 they weren't going to have us! Shame CCAT weren't a little better... would have been so much easier...
On for the bump tomorrow - as Harrie says, let's do it in 5 strokes... maybe less if Clare Hall try another antiphase start... xxx (Lyns)
Bumped Clare Hall
BUMP! Woop! Need to be a little tidier tomorrow tho I think, wasn't as good a start as it could have been. Still, did the job!! xxx (Lyns)
Bumped Churchill II
FINALLY A DECENT ROW! It's been a long time coming.....

We knew Churchill were going to be no Caius but then no Clare Hall either, so the girls just had a decent start and reeled them in. Some 'conservative' whistles by Iain kept everyone on their toes, but they still managed to do it before first post corner.

Roll on New Hall. (Charlie)
Bumped New Hall II
A good way to end the week. This was Zoe's last bumps race, and Jenny's second to last. Satisfyingly it was all over very quickly - they were almost easier than Churchill II. Sadly no blades but a week to be proud of. (Harriet)

1. Charlie sorts out gr...
2. The tow path melee
3. Rather cheery having...

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