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Pembroke Regatta, Lent Term 2006

3rd men's VIII (Lower division)

Coxed by: Honey Duan

1st round
Beat LMBC 4 by one and a bit lengths
So we've finally rowed as our fixed crew - we still need another 9 outings before bumps... Our 1st round win wasn't convincing but nor was it tiring. Gentlemanly in every sense of the word. We were largely helped by multiple Maggie seat failures, but it would be nice to think that we could have raised it if we'd wanted to (and had a cox box). Next round should be harder - let's hope we can reach at least 90% effort! (BJ)
Our hearts simply weren't in this one. We wound to about 30 and then strode to about 28, all VIII quiching. There was a moment when Maggie looked like regaining the overlap, so we took it up to firm pressure and pulled it back. Job done with minimum effort. (Albert)
Quarter finals
Beat Jesus 4 by one and a bit lengths
This time we lost a seat or two off the start, with high levels of spackage and no rhythm to be found for the first minute. Luckily this served as a cue for us to raise our game, and as we found our rhythm so Jesus gradually faded. After this round, we knew we couldn't afford another rubbish first minute. (Albert)
Semi finals
Lost to most of Jesus 3 by half a length
This was our best start of the day, and we found a quick but controlled rhythm any beer boat would be proud of. We made ground on Jesus for a while, but the long bend in the Reach took its toll on our meadow-side station, and they pulled ahead to a length after the railway bridge. Pushing hard and rowing our best race of the day, we were simply outgunned... until Honey's expression transformed from defeat to malicious exploitation:

"Jesus have a man in the water! Push!"

Luckily for them, they were only a few strokes from the line, and so both crews left the flailing ejectee for dead and in rather ungentlemanly fashion made a mad dash for the line. Jesus made it a split second before us. The much anticpiated all-FaT final was never to be.

Glad to hear the Jesus ejectorman was ok. (Albert)
So apparently it wasn't an entirely bona fide Jesus 3 crew... In an ideal world we'd like to be able to beat most 2nd VIIIs too, so that's not really an excuse... (BJ)

1. The Gents look on in...
2. Jesus III beating so...
3. Jesus III beating so...

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