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Head of the Nene

Time comparison

All the Head of the Nene results in our archive are listed in time order. Note that for most events the conditions (weather and stream) affect results significantly so it is only for interest.

The crews from Lent Term 2006 are shaded - locate 1st women's VIII (Senior2 VIIIs)

  1. 2nd men's VIII, Lent Term 2017 (Novice VIIIs): 10:04   2nd in category, 6th overall
  2. TDC in his single scull, Lent Term 2008 (S3 1x): 13:11   7th in S3, 19th of 36 M1x
  3. 1st men's VIII, Lent Term 2000 (Senior2 VIIIs): 15:26   6th overall, 3rd College VIII
  4. 1st men's VIII, Lent Term 2007 (S3 8+): 16:17   10th overall, winners of S3, 1st college VIII
  5. 1st men's VIII, Lent Term 1999 (Senior4 VIIIs): 16:29   8th overall, winners of S4, 1st college VIII
  6. 1st men's VIII, Lent Term 1998 (Novice VIIIs): 16:48   Winners of Novice VIIIs; 10th overall
  7. 1st women's VIII, Lent Term 2006 (Senior2 VIIIs): 17:03   4th of 5 WS28+, 1st of 5 Cambridge college crews
  8. 1st men's VIII, Lent Term 2015 (IM2 VIIIs): 17:07   
  9. 2nd men's VIII, Lent Term 2015 (IM3 VIIIs): 17:26   
  10. 2nd men's VIII, Lent Term 1998 (Novice VIIIs): 17:30   25th overall; 2nd of 12 Novice VIIIs
  11. 1st men's VIII, Lent Term 2017 (IM3 VIIIs): 17:31.6   3rd in category, 11th overall
  12. 2nd men's VIII, Lent Term 2007 (Novice VIIIs): 17:33   38th overall, 4th in Nv, 2nd college Nv VIII
  13. 2nd men's VIII, Lent Term 1999 (Novice VIIIs): 17:40   36th overall, 2nd of 9 entries in category
  14. 1st men's VIII, Lent Term 2005 (Senior3 VIIIs): 18:33   5th of 19 men's S3 VIIIs; 2nd of 10 colleges; 16th overall
  15. Men's 1st Lent VIII, Lent Term 2003 (Senior3 VIIIs): 18:39   Winners of S3 8+, 5th overall, 1st College VIII
  16. 1st men's VIII, Lent Term 2004 (Senior3 VIIIs): 18:40   2nd in S3, 7th overall
  17. 2nd men's VIII, Lent Term 2000 (Novice VIIIs): 18:48   57th overall
  18. 1st women's VIII, Lent Term 2007 (S3 8+): 18:59   56th overall, 5th in S3, 1st college VIII
  19. 1st men's VIII, Lent Term 2010 (IM2 VIIIs): 19:15   2nd in IM2
  20. 2nd men's VIII, Lent Term 2008 (Senior3 VIIIs): 19:23   7th in S3, 20th overall, 3rd Cambridge College
  21. 1st women's VIII, Lent Term 1998 (Novice VIIIs): 20:33   Winners of Women's Novice VIIIs; 69th overall
  22. 1st women's VIII, Lent Term 1999 (Novice VIIIs): 20:59   2nd of 6 entries in category
  23. 1st women's VIII, Lent Term 2005 (Senior3 VIIIs): 21:28   10th of 17 women's S3 VIIIs; 4th of 7 college VIIIs
  24. 2nd men's VIII, Lent Term 2001: 21:35   49th of 66 men's VIIIs, 4th of the 6 college 2nd VIIIs
  25. 1st women's VIII, Lent Term 2010 (IM3 VIIIs): 22:06   Winners of IM3, 3rd Overall
  26. 1st women's VIII, Lent Term 2008 (Novice VIIIs): 22:13   2nd in Novice 8+, 57th overall, 2nd Cambridge college
  27. 1st women's VIII, Lent Term 2001: 26:04   26th of 38 women's VIIIs, 3rd of the 6 college women's 1st VIIIs
  28. 1st men's VIII, Lent Term 2008 (Senior2 VIIIs): 59:39   82nd overall
  29. 2nd women's VIII, Lent Term 2007 (Novice VIIIs): 20:22:00   76th overall, 3rd in Nv

Crews with no recorded time

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