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Head of the Nene, Lent Term 2017

1st men's VIII (IM3 VIIIs)

Coxed by: Emily Gordon

3rd in category, 11th overall
Time: 17:31.6
Not the most usual or expected of races. We overtook three times, were overtaken by St Paul's' hungry 2nd VIII, and were impeded on an overtake by an overhead crabbing RAF crew.

It's quite clear that we're not rowing together. There are many odd things going on, and once our crew order is fixed we can (and must) really work on getting all the parts of our stroke and recovery together. I think the 8 of us can row sufficiently well - we just need to agree on what we are doing at each point in the cycle. We also need to keep our heads in the boat more - I know I was myself guilty of breaching this fundamental rule more than once on Saturday.

Not our best race, but we went in with a good attitude, and came out with a great one. Now we just need to make sure we all do weights, do our set ergs, and commit to every single stroke, every single outing.

Most importantly, the post-race "Nandanks" generated a new goal for the term: JESUS-PEMBROKE-CAIUS. Let's do it, lads. We've got it in us, now we know exactly what we're fighting for, let's go out and smash it over the next four weeks.
Crews were set off with barely any gap. As a result we spent most of our time in pretty awful water. This was good preparation for all of the bumps we are going to be making. There was a tremendous feeling that there is a lot more to come from the crew. Let's bring it all together.

Crew Nandos generated a lot of positive energy. Time to smash it.

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