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Cambridge Winter Head, Mich Term 2005

2nd men's VIII (Student Novice VIIIs)

Coxed by: Damilola Dauda

2nd in Student Novice VIIIs, 27th overall
Time: 9:09
Very exciting race, well for me anyway.

We had a pretty solid first kilometre. Gave the crew in front plenty of room off the start, so it was quiet all the way up to ditton.

After ditton, we had a proper restart, and there were 4 or so crews fairly close to each other on the reach. Went straight past the first one. Then tried to go between the next two, but had to settle for overtaking one and then going for the bump on the other. Luckily they moved over in time. We ground them down over the last 500m, finishing a second or two after them.

Well rowed guys!! (Dami)
This was a pretty good race, and an encouraging start to Fairbairns training this being our first outing in this line up. It felt quite solid, but rather sustainable to Ditton corner. Here we took it up and really attacked the Reach overtaking the 1st of many (2) crews. Went a little dodgy from the Railway Bridge onwards owing to the churn kicked up by the 2-3 crews directly ahead (Dami's calls became increasingly more interesting - "We're going to push to take the crew ahead" 5 secs later "OK...let's push to take both the crews ahead, I'm going through the middle of them" another 5 secs later "Right....lets take all the crews ahead".

Caius II beat us by the sound margin of 18 seconds which is a little disappointing, but they've been training in that crew for most of the term, so with a couple of solid weeks behind us in the VIII we should be ready for them at Fairbairns.... (Phil)

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