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Clare Novice Regatta, Mich Term 2005

1st men's novice VIII (Cup)

Coxed by: Emma Salgård Cunha

1st round
Beat Emma A easily by tactically crabbing into them
This was another unlucky and disappointing race from the First Novice Men. A fantastic first few strokes saw them a length up on Emma 1 at the end of their start and powering away from them... then Disaster Struck (TM). The failing cox-box prevented a cohesive stride, and stern four took it down to race rhythm while bow four continued at high rating. The resulting wobble cause our stroke-man to crab, which swung the bows round by about 30 degrees and into the path of Emma 1. Both boats headed for the bank at high speed and unfortunately Emma came off worse, their bows hanging off limply.

NM1 headed home, hoping that the umpire would have the sense to award the win (or at least a bye) to the obviously faster crew, despite the crab. However, it was not to be - on marshalling for the next round we were informed that they had been disqualified and that Emma would be racing with their bows duct-taped together instead.

An unfortunate race, and a real shame about Emma's boat, but I think the moral victory goes to the crew who were that far up after only about 30 strokes. Well done guys - don't let it get you down. Revenge will be taken on Thursday. (Erica)
Well, we'd said we would destroy them, and we did. We took more than a length of the start, and after only about a minute their bow collapsed completely. Before the finish bow four had basically stopped rowing, and we crossed the finish well ahead of them. Apparently though, you get disqualified for that sort of thing, so our paddle up to the second round ended in disappointment.

The LBCs were impressed by our start though, and gutted that we didn't get the opportunity to live up to our potential. We've got to kill ourselves in the outing tomorrow, guys - Fairbairns is this crew's last, best chance to shine. (Magnus Jones)
Our boys looked positively majestic off the start, rating 36 and essentially munching Emma A for breakfast. From the bank it looked as if the race was over about a third of the way down the Reach.

Just as I was beginning to allow myself a little gloat, our guys suddenly veered hard to the left, and slammed it into the opposite bank, with a sound that struck fear into the depths of my soul. Emma A meanwhile, cut off by our shenanigans, couldn't avoid a collision, and watched helplessly as their bow section impacted with our boat and sheared off.

Apologies to Emma for the damage to their boat - I'm glad to report that TR4 was fine.

We paddled down to the finish, and were told that we would be racing the next round. (Albert)
2nd round
Told to go home
D'oh! Turns out the marshals changed their decision without telling us. They reasoned that the faster, better crew with a shot at the finals should go home, whilst the slower crew with the broken bow section should progress further in the competition.

We now go into Fairbairns with a very strong, focussed 1st VIII, who are hungry for a win after being denied twice. Some real application in the last couple of outings should pay dividends. (Albert)

1. ... and then breakin...
2. Eating Emma alive...
3. At least they didn't...

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